Baird glitch OP

This is worse than the level 3 red barrier glitch right?

I played him long enough to experience the complete boredom of 50 waves of auto kill/heal barriers. Getting almost double JD in damage.

I played a support game only sniping for a Del engineering. That was pretty fun. Made lockers and sentries better with just having some global support cards on. Never upgraded or bought a thing. My kills helped heal all fabrications a great deal through the game as well.

I won’t play with a Baird I don’t know anymore. They come into my games and upgrade all my barriers and sentries that we save and work for early on.

So, in summary, I’ve found Baird should really be either a sniper OR an engineer. Love the support cards, hate the lack of fabricator discount cards. If there’s no discounts why can he buy everything del can and be able to upgrade?

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They should keep it and buff every other char… horde is boring 50 waves on insane. Err srry “master”

And add higher difficulty to the game then? I was playing master and I almost fell asleep for lack of gameplay

Nope… unless they actually take a minute to work on ai… it will be the same experience regardless…

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You’re not wrong there

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what glitch ? leveled him up on private haven’t tried him on public yet

What is this glitch? Does his fortification-heal card apply to sentry kills or something? I’ve not played a ton of Baird.

Baird’s card that gives you bleed damage for precision weapons when your DR1 Ultimate ability is ready also applies to Barriers when he is holding a precision weapon (Longshot, Torque, Markham or EMBAR). So if you also equip the Precision Heal card; then barriers will do extra bleed damage, eventually killing them, and this causes fortifications to repair themselves.

So if you’re playing as Baird, just spam barriers all over the map and sit back with a precision weapon. They will more or less self-repair as they die.

The only threat are Guardians, Sentinels, Bosses and Bastions.


Yep. Totally OP.
They seem to be taking their time with patching it out :confused:

To be fair, the Christmas and new year holidays have gotten in the way for the large part. It’ll probably be fixed by TU4.

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Good point, but it still strikes me as another item on the long list of issues/bugs/inconsistencies exemplifying a distinct lack of care and attention to detail.

I love the game. But it could have so much more polish.

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I cant wait to see what’s hella op in next week’s episode of “We fixed things, we broke things”


I predict that TC will accidently make barriers restore enemy health on contact.


I predict that TC will accidentally make fortifications do friendly fire.


holy crap so now I get it I joined a game on all fathers on wave 26 and seen lvl 1 barriers all over the map and the eng just idle and i’m like how is he getting credit for all the kills JESUS THAT IS ABSURD


Oh wow. That’s crazy broken.

I was wondering why I was suddenly seeing custom lobbies specifically saying they didn’t want Bairds.

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Bairds bleeding card applies to every fortification, grenades and precision rifle is doing damage that baird owns while holding precision rifles, because of the bad programming. TC just forgot to restrict the damage source the enemy takes damage from. Just tested on escape shock grenades and incendiary grenades and it just kills scion within seconds with 2 lvl bleeding card. Planted grenades also deals bleeding damage while holding precision rifles.

If they fix this I would like them to buff the precision bleed card because the bleed from a precision gun is very weak in Baird’s hands. Maybe if it was on Fahz it might prove useful but with Baird the bleed’s dmg is abyssal. I stopped using it when i realized the enemy’s health bar didn’t move when bleeding.
I agree bleeding fences that repair themselves is OP but the perk is useless once they patch this.

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I think it works fine. Enemies bleed out just like other characters bleed cards. I’m always ok with a buff, but the card does work.

Load up a solo match and shoot something in the body on a medium level. It will show bleed numbers.

Is that with or without double health? Cause on masters I’ve shot scions in the face with a perfect embar and they bleed but their health doesn’t move.

A lot of perks are designed like that. At beginner levels they work great but once you give them double health+double dmg the perks provide no noticeable benefit.

His bleed is also very low compared to the others. 25% max. JD can get up to 50% bleed and that’s from the dmg of an explosion. Kait gets 100% bleed from a single shotgun pellet.

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