Baird: First Impression and questions

I broke down and bought Baird when he first came out. I plan to unlock Lizzie in game cause it doesn’t look as bad as some of the other totems. Just a heads up this won’t be a Hu1kDaddy guide. He isn’t maxed out yet and not enough playtime for something that in depth. This is just to give people ideas on what Baird is capable of and how he stacks up compared to the other engineers. Between all the connection issues and disconnects since the update I’ve only been able to get Baird to lvl 12. Here’s some of my thoughts and questions about Baird.

Del feels like a pure engineer. Like he wasn’t expected to do anything else. Baird on the other hand feels like he was designed to be an engineer with some offense. Mainly with sniper rifles. Probably the embar because of the bonus dmg he gets with deebee weapons. He doesn’t have a bunch of things Del has but at the same time he gets some ■■■■ Del would kill for. He doesn’t feel under powered like Kat. Seriously TC, whose idea was it to release chars with half as many perks as everyone else? The perks added to her are not great but appreciated though, Bear with me cause I’m writing this from memory.

“When repairing a fortification for more than 2 secs get a 200-300% repair speed boost”
This perk alone is amazing! I’m an engineer main and once we got Helms Deep setup I find 20 secs in between waves is not enough time to repair/refill EVERYTHING. Gets even worse if your the only one collecting energy from the taps. It seems to only work on health and not ammo. Sentries refill the same speed but they get repaired very quick. If you have a Jack(on masters who doesn’t?) money isn’t an issue. Baird costs more than Del but he repairs faster which I feel is a fair trade off.

“Killing a DBNO enemy causes them to explode”
This is meh. Why this isn’t on Fahz is beyond me. Baird doesn’t have the +dmg perks that people can purchase during horde to really help with this. I haven’t been playing much past Elite because a lot of randoms want lvl 18s for an advanced run -.- If you need to be 18 to do advanced you really suck at this game but anyway. This perk feels niche. With execution rules I imagine it will get more use. Really helps that Baird starts with an embar that can kill downed enemies with execution rules on. The dmg doesn’t feel like much. The explosion’s dmg appears to be a % of the dmg from the weapon that dealt the kill shot. You need a heavy hitting weapon for the explosion to make an impact. Perhaps a boomshot? There’s very few weapons that can kill a downed enemy. Even fewer that let them get down instead of outright fubar’ing them. Hopefully it will get better once I lvl it up. I just got the perk for more dmg with deebee weapons so that might help. They dont go down with tri shots so don’t expect to get explosions with that gun.

“MG turrets cause 10% more dmg”
I’m not sure what MG means but this perk appears to be bugged. It seems to apply to ALL weapons in Bairds possession and not just turrets. I haven’t done any actual math but every gun I pick up says +10%. Maybe it’s intended but i’ll take it.

“Precision rifle hits cause bleed if your ULT is ready”
Again, this sounds like it should have been on Fahz. Basically if your ult is ready but you haven’t used it, you hit someone with a markza, embar or longshot they suffer bleed. Doesn’t have to be a head shot to apply bleed. Since Baird lacks the dmg dealing perks of JD and Kait it doesn’t feel like a fire and forget thing. It’s mostly to stop people from healing which is okay. I hope with the +dmg from deebee weapons this perk will get more use once lvled up. FYI Baird can purchase a longshot from the fabricator.

“20% more dmg with deebee weapons”
I think Del has something like this but I could never fit it into my build. I always ran fort health, armor, cost reduction, lockers and repair efficiency so I could never make use of it. Baird lacks some of Dels perks so I feel I can use it. While it helps with the embar kills it really shines with the tri shot.

“Repair faster when enemies are around”
I actually haven’t used this but with his repair speed boost it sounds like it would be great for keeping a decoy or a lvl 4 fence alive longer. Provided you weren’t getting wrecked while repairing it.

“Precision hits reduce cd”
It’s something to use while getting other perks. It was the first thing I switched out.

“+20% speed for all weapon lockers”
I’m confused about this one. When it says all weapon lockers does it mean ALL lockers? Like ones that Baird did not build or upgrade? Cause if that’s the case it sounds nice. Wonder if it stacks with Dels overclocked lockers? I did see in another thread this morning it feels like Del’s locker perk has been shadow nerfed. It feels slower than before. Maybe it’s yet another bug or they nerfed it so if Baird and Del are on the same team weapons don’t reload super fast?

“Less recoil on enforcer”
This perk feels wasted. Baird starts with an embar and an overkill. Kait will like him as much as Del :stuck_out_tongue: I don’t plan on ever picking up an enforcer over these 2 guns so why make this a perk at all?

“Take less damage from heavy weapons”
Heavy weapons hit so god damn hard I don’t think this will change a thing.

“Less dmg from melee hits”
On masters everyone one shots you with melee. If they manage to get that close in the first place your screwed anyway.

Last that I can think of that’s worth mentioning is his gold perk. “DR1 does bleed dmg to nearby enemies”
I don’t have it yet cause I’m only lvl 12 but I’m not so sure about this one. The ult feels iffy at times. It seems to prioritize following you above all else and hardly ventures out to hunt. I’ve popped it, ran back and instead of staying there to shoot it followed me. It feels like Kats decoy but it can take dmg and shoot back. If it targets something it takes a second to lock on before firing. If something gets close like a reject or a juvie it stops shooting and starts meleeing which takes longer to kill. The DR1 feels like it doesn’t last very long either. I don’t think this perk will be worth running but I could be wrong.

Baird has other perks but nothing that really stood out to me.

Final thoughts. Haven’t used him on masters “yet”. Only done up to elite for now so take this with a grain of salt.
He repairs much faster than Del but costs more money. I don’t mind the trade off.
His big downside feels that he lacks any perk that gives him stim so expect him to get downed a lot on Masters.
He has some sniping perks but he is not primarily a sniper. Feels like if everything is repaired you can somewhat contribute to the dmg but not much. Also feels like TC wants you to use the embar which doesn’t have a sight.
The bleed is okay but right now it doesn’t feel like he will be anywhere near JD or Kait’s bleed. Still nice to stop something from healing.
The DBNO explosion is situational and not great. I often downed something with a claw then switched to my embar to try to finish them before they got revived. I stopped doing all this once we had tri shots. Maybe mixed with deebee weapon dmg perk it will become more viable. Again, won’t be doing this when we get tri shots.
His ult is a distraction that can fight back. Don’t expect it to kill much.
Probably will be a beast with a tri shot assuming you can live long enough to shoot something.

IMO he won’t take Dels spot as most requested engineer but he is a viable contender. He is not as good as Del but has enough unique stuff that he is above Kat. He has some good perks, one or two great perks but he does not have cost reduction, fort health, fort armor or stim. He at least has a version of Del’s locker perk so that’s about equal, perhaps greater than Del’s once the perk is maxed. His repair speed more than makes up for the increased cost for repairing. He will be better with a tri shot than Del+Kat but you don’t have stim to keep yourself up. You will not get the forge as fast as Del. Having said that I’ve done Masters with Kat as the only engineer. If I can do that with her I know I can do it with Baird once he’s lvled up. If nothing else he makes an excellent 5th slot for his repair speed, tri shot dmg, locker buff, +turret dmg and offensive+distracting ult.