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Bad servers lead to Bans - PC

Listen to this, since Gears of war 5 has terrible servers, I continually get lagged out, and eventually booted (my internet setup is a masterpiece containing the latest and greatest). Never mind the fact that this leads to tier drops and ruins my stats, but now, just now, their ■■■ servers flake out and booted me, when I go to sign back in IVE BEEN BANNED. I never quit, there’s no point. But since these servers are such garbage, ive been kicked and booted enough times that I GOT THE BAN ANYWAY! Truly, what a shitshow. You’d think a Triple A dev team with major company backing would be able to lock down crossplay, get some servers that can handle minor traffic, and make a ranking system that didn’t make you depend on strangers. (Ranking system business unrelated, sorry)

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