Bad rewards skill cards in difficulties master in horde and escape

When playing in high difficulties as inconceivable and master do not give purple or higher cards, it is very unfair that I spend hours playing those modes and do not give good skills cards for the characters, give more common cards, please consider this for the next update.

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No problems here… :slight_smile:

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I’ve finished Baird yesterday. The last four cards were the four Epics. Legendary maxed very easily. But then the last two Epics became frustrating with the RNG involved. I’d say, just keep trying. Baird took more over 23+ hours in-game play time in Stats. The last two Epics for me were Epic Score Boost and Global Overclock.

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i play a lot, and always they give me green ones :disappointed_relieved::cry::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob::sob:

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I have this problem too. Apparently some people don’t.


I’ve been playing insane all night with my level 9+ characters. Only greens.

Yeah they need to up the drop rate. I’ve done 50 waves of insane and I only got green and blue cards. I think the best Masters drop rate I had was 2 golds and a purple but that was like 1 in 20 perhaps. I really think there’s a hidden algorithm that deliberately drops cards you already have to keep you playing or to get you to buy iron.

Just wanted to add a little something. A friend and I did jingle juvies on insane last night. I got like 2 blue cards and a green I think. He got 2 purples and a gold. Yay RNG.

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Favourable RNG = RNJesus
Unfavourable RNG = RNJudas


Damn this system and not letting me give likes. One of your best posts yet. :rofl:

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that’s weird … there’s even a thumbs up icon that says LIKES when you click it … just saying

After a certain number of likes, the system will tell you you’ve reached the max and to try again in x amount of hours.

Ah gotcha. I got that for max posts on my first day. Who knew lol

To this day, that problem continues to exist.

And forever : 26 discarded gold and I’m just missing 2 purple for Baird

Always the gold after having succeeded the Surge hive in Insane (33), therefore, I started to kill and die before the door closed, and, I was able to farm the purple for Baird and Lizzie