BAD_POOL_CALLER nvidia 1070ti

be carful windows might upgrade you to 388.13

i was wondering why my game was crashing all of a sudden again

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I disabled that service the first time it did that to me.

If your game crashes CTRL + ALT + DELETE then end the process for Gears of war 4 before relaunching. I believe this error comes from Gears trying to access memory it’s already accessing.

can’t do that if it freezes the whole computer

Ah that’s unfortunate, mine used to freeze the entire system but I moved my drivers up to 416 or so which just made the game freeze instead of my rig. Still though, it’s not optimal.

I wouldn’t recommend the 416 drivers yet anyway, I had some really weird system issues with that one.

(My drivers are 388 now I believe)

i had windows install 388.13 without my consent lol and it kept on crashing nonstop

382.33 seems to be stable …haven’t had a crash since

I’ll have to test that, I don’t really play Gears 4 anymore though - mainly just to Private session with a mate for laughs.

I try not to rock too early a driver because the later drivers fix freezing in bo4/SC6.