BAD_POOL_CALLER nvidia 1070ti

I need help and I see that the coalition does not do anything … I start playing the MP gears 4 and after 10-15 minutes I get the blue screen. The temperature is at 72 and 2k at 100-144 fps. Does anyone have a solution?

Unfortunately, 10xx series cards are known for crashing gears. My 1070ti only does it every other day but it’s annoying enough that I bought a 2080.

If yours are that frequent I’d try to play with some of the settings and try different drivers to see if you can mitigate the crashing. There’s a few threads on here that are definitely worth searching and reading.


Your 2080 doing alright?

Also what mobo/processor you using with that out of curiosity?

We’ll find out in a few days. I ordered a 2070 last week and a day later decided if I’m going to invest I’m better off getting a 2080 so I won’t be tempted to upgrade again when Gears 5 comes out (which is the kind of thing I would do). I’m cringing for having spent 750 on a GPU but I was to the point that I just wanted to put the whole thing to bed and stop thinking about gpu related things for the next 3 years. I waste so many hours researching and pondering.

I have Gigabyte Aorus Gaming 7 (Z370) mobo. It’s been solid thus far. Bought it for the high end audio DAC.

I’ll be interested to know the results.

I made a dumb mistake when I built mine in 2016. I got an Asus H170 m/b instead of a Z170 and a i5 6600k cpu. On the H model it cannot be overclocked so you automatically lose 1/3 of the horsepower. :frowning:

Been looking at upgrading in the next year or so and I feel like my processor is fine if I have a board that can use it but then it’s like… if I’m going to upgrade why not just do the whole shebang and go with a better CPU, Mobo, and GPU…

Friday I had moved my office to the basement and when I was trying to hop on to gears last night for the first time in a while I kept getting these GPU errors… which I thought was odd but I had recently overclocked the 1060gtx (not much but a modest amount)… thought maybe I ■■■■■■ the card.

Started making justifications on going ahead and upgrading since it was broken. Then realized my dumb ■■■ plugged the monitors into the MOBO outputs instead of the GPU outputs…


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It’s such a money pit. I usually go pretty cheap on my PC builds and always buy last year’s tech but with the new cards meeting or beating the old ones in a performance to dollar sense it was an easy step up for me. That rarely seems to happen.

If you’re thinking of upgrading, this is a great time with all the holiday sales (Newegg in particular has some great deals on rotation), the fact that RAM finally dropped significantly in price, and with the new tariffs a lot of people are predicting component prices to jump in 2019.

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I’m an Nvidia guy but I may start looking into AMD as well. Any word on compatibility with gears or do they still suffer crashes?

I love AMD but my pc gets used all the time for non gaming stuff so the power consumption was a big consideration for me this time out since I’m rolling with heavier duty hardware than before. If this rig was mostly for gaming I’d have gone AMD for sure because their price performance is so damn good. In fact my other pc is circa 2012 AMD and is totally fine for everything I do besides gaming.

While some users have reported crashes on their Vega card, it’s not anywhere near the level of the Pascal/10xx series nightmare. I’d say it’s going to be crash free for the most part.

running 382.33

no crashes at all over the weekend

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I’m running whatever the latest driver is and I actually had no crashes since the last Gears update. However, it’s almost meaningless because every time I say I haven’t crashed in a few days, it comes back with a vengeance…

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Running latest and I freeze on the lobby countdown. I’ll freeze during intermission countdown. Match countdowns, and I’ll freeze randomly during matches. Usually when I’m pulling a sweet maneuver (not really… It’s random)

Sometimes it’s a freeze every match at the end or start of the next game. I’ll restart game. Join a match. Same thing. Luckily, it’s only application freeze and I can alt tab and close.

Sometimes I’ll go 3 or 4 full games of social without interruption, get cocky and join a ranked solo queue Koth match, freeze, and drop myself to D1 and receive ■■■■■■ messages from my rando teammates about quitting while I’m trying to rejoin but can’t because of that other bug they haven’t fixed. Can’t blame them for being pissed tho, I just reply back with what happened. (I definitely let TC know about it last night…)

Maybe I should downgrade my drivers again back to 38x.xx. With those I only crashed about once a week or so but it’s a full blown ‘need to reboot’ crash. If I didn’t have windows on ssd fast boot, I wouldn’t have stuck with gears.

It’s kinda bs all around tho.

AMD runs pretty well, the only crashes are one at the start of act 3 as well as the standard async compute crashes.

Do you have async compute off?

Brother that sounds infuriating. You definitely deserve an upgrade.

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The best way to describe it is to break the gears of war CD into 10 pieces then take a picture of it and post it here and that will make more sense than actually explaining how broken gears of war is on PC

Yeah, I know at one point they took away the option but it looks like it came back… I always shut it off tho.


does it actually come in a physical disc on pc?

thanks, i will trying playing with the settings.Is frustrating…

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If you buy the xbox one version on disc - you can also play it on PC anyway, so there’s that. I dunno if that counts as an answer. (Not the game disc but you can download it off live)

I don’t know if there is a PC game disc or not - If you go to the ends of the earth you can probably find at least one somewhere.


Last night I downgraded my drivers to 387.92 and GeForce_Experience_v3.9.0.97.exe

Played about 4 or 5 games of social with no issues whatsoever. Game actually performed pretty well.


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