Bad horde player issues?

Has anyone else come across this?

There is NO communication, the moment you do anything against a person they excommunicate you from saves or ammo, players dropping left and right for no reason, people taking fortifications and moving them to useless places, kill steals a plenty, i had some guy spoiling the story mode because people weren’t playing HIS way yet all he was doing was complaining, no one bothers with fortifications anymore and you get crap if you do… I have no issue with players wanting to use their power for buffing but when it gets negative commentary for engineers being engineers, its a bit ridiculous.

I like a lot of what this horde mode seems to bring (though the maps seem smaller) but overall, a LOT of player negativity seems to be keeping it from being as fun as past games. It’s a bit nuts… It is just my experience so far, or are other players noticing things like this as well?

If you’re playing public Horde then it sounds about right, highly unlikely to find a decent match. Finishing a 1-50 on Elite? I would say impossible.

Custom is the way to go. Go Advanced and above and almost everyone will know what to do. Any lower and you’ll find the same toxic attitude you find in public since most are there just for medals and care little about actually finishing the match.

You mentioned several problems, but is kill stealing one? this is horde, not versus.


Had a match where the whole team refused to pick me up because I was spending points on myself. I’m not being funny but upgrading your shotgun and hp so you can kill things easier in later rounds is a good thing for everyone. Anything I had left over I would put into the fabricator. There is no need for fortifications in early waves as by the boss wave they get destroyed anyways. They told me they reported me and I just laughed and said “What for playing the game?” worst game I’ve had to date.


Yeah, let the engineers do their thing! Leave the fortification building and placement to them, please. Just play your role, gather power and cooperate. I dont know why people doesn’t want to win.


People do still use fortifications, but you’re basically spending a lot of power on only Level 1 stuff if you don’t have a Del, and another 10,000 on a repair tool if you don’t have a Jack repairing anything, or don’t have a Jack at all. All because apparently, it had to be decided that no one but Del could upgrade and everyone else can only build two select fortifications(Kait can’t build any). Try higher difficulties than Intermediate or Experienced and you’ll see them more often(note : I’ve not gone above Advanced). I’m not saying to build when there’s an engi around, but rather, to actually give us the option to build more than a very much bare bones base which barely holds off anything when there isn’t a Del or Kat on the team.

RE those saying spending power on perks is fine - I’d agree here. I don’t like to join a lobby which says “all power in fabricator” or something around those lines, because they’re effectively just telling you to not use these small buffs which do have their uses, up to a certain point where they just become too expensive for the boost they give you. Personally, I just try finding a balance between power used for perks and for the engi to build with. So there is a base set up if needed, but I also then have something more to work with than just what my skills give me.


I’m glad i’m not alone in this. Luckily, I think there are a few ways that would help, mostly done with in game tweaks. I know, from playing as the Eng, multiple fully upgraded turrets are amazing, but given the kill count they leave me with, it makes me VERY unpopular. Maybe they could replace the kill count bonus with extra power or power straight to the fabricator?

Maybe readjust costs for upgrading at the different levels? or add a “cashback” with gives a bit of power to the pool?

I dunno, but i’m sure the devs could adjust things to balance out the play styles, since they can’t stop people from being toxic and angry in game.

JIt’s possible to finish out 50 in the first 1-3 difficulties, but it will probably just be you and maybe another person. I’ve never finished 50 with more than 1 other person in public. You better invest in repair tool and pray your Del built some turrets and crap before he quit or you have no shot. If you are Del maybe you have a better chance at finishing!a public with the guaranteed quits, but that gets old quick…

Either provide the same flexibility as Gears 4 to get people to stop quitting and/or cut the rewards/progress for quitting in half or more. It sucks going into horde knowing by wave 20 you’ll have, at most 3 players, but more likely 2. It’s really frustrating and takes the fun right out of it. I’m not sure I’ve ever gotten past wave 10 with a full team…

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