Bad games you know are bad but still like

What is a terrible game that you for some reason you still like?

Bomberman act zero. I know that there was no save points so you had to do all 100 stages in one go, in fact I think the highest I ever made it was 30 something haha. But I personally liked the design and the idea of battling for your freedom.

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Two Worlds

Enchanted Arms

Both have their great aspects, but terrible bugs or design decisions, bad marketing crippled those games sales

The Sonic Adventure games. Theyre so bad but have that awful classic Sonic charm that I like.

Also Sonic Advenfure 2 has this classic track :

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Any Madden game. Cut and paste for years but I still like


My childhood right there


I might start buying madden games lmao.

But only when I see Mac daddy on the front cover :flushed:

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To answer the question though.

I loved castleminer Z. It was an old xbox indie game that bit off of minecraft that allowed you to use your avatars.

It looked terrible but it was so much fun.

An honorable mention is Fallout 76: one of the worst videogames to ever release in the 21st century and I somehow still loved it. A worse version than destiny, less content, less uniqueness, and less stability. But its fun.

Very iconic games. I wish they would make a Sonic Adventure 3. I would buy that instantly.

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Something wrong?


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A nickname at this point is

It definitely is but I’m excited to have a rookie QB potentially grow with the team. Hes my first one so I definitely am a little overzealous lol.

I hope that nothing happens with that though :pensive:

Literally gow5. Game is god awful in almost every aspect, and even the fun I have playing it is due to abusing awful mechanics and a style of play I despise.

The mechanics are the same as the other gears games tho, I love gears 5, what’s so bad about it? And are you referring to the multiplayer or campaign? Or both?

The mechanics in terms of like, you use the same buttons to perform broadly the same actions. But in a specific sense, it’s different, and I think it’s dumb.

I’m referring to multiplayer, I’ve never played campaign, and what I’m referring to specifically is just how you can do things like this;

It looks kind of cool, and it’s fun to do, but I think it’s horrible that you can actually do that but not LT people from 10-15 ft away.

You’ve never played campaign? You’re missing out!

Gears 5

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The mechanics are horrible, I hate playing this game sometimes but I still play it so much.

For example I’m 59th in ffa

judgment, I started playing it when it was very hated with the mentality of “oh c’mon guys, it can’t be so bad”, and well even though it’s not a good gears, in fact, it really is the worst gears that tried to follow the main line of games, there are good things that I would like to see come back, like the unique weapons or the maps, which would work well as maps for ffa, and at least by itself it complies with entertaining me, overrun is quite addictive when you play it for at least 2 hours

The gears forums

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