Bad delay with the controller

Iv noticed this a couple times when playing gears 5 on my xbox that there is a bad delay with the controller I could run up to someone with the shotgun and pull the trigger and it’s like it won’t go off in time or wont shoot in general its something that has been there since the game was released and still hasn’t been fixed


Same for me on a One X, I see my Gnasher fire, hear it and get a controller shake in real time but recordings show it never fired.
It’s extremely frustrating to work your way round a map to get a sniper and have no shot when you hit the trigger.
Started on Op 4 for me, I think it’s related to Gears being optimized for Series X/S consoles and PC’s at 120 fps.

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Same problem here too. Been killed multiple times in Competitive because of this, very frustrating.

I don’t think I faced this issue in the previous operation.

I have an Xbox One S, but I’m using a Series X controller.

Pretty sure it’s the roadie run delay your are speaking of. Unfortunately TC purposely implemented this so you can’t shoot directly out of a roadie run…
This is why there are so many bot walkers to avoid this annoying issue

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I’m aware of the roadie run delay.

But I’m not talking about that,

I’m facing this problem in normal 1v1 gnasher battles.

Are you switching between weapons when this happens?

Ex: lancer first then switch to shotgun , press RT and there’s a shot delay?

Same. Or no response when I want to slide.


No. I’m not switching weapons.

I’m confident the problem isn’t ping, because in this current operation they’ve introduced region locks. So there’s an even playing field for all players in terms of their ping only.

There seems to be a weird shot delay when I’m trying to shoot right after slide cancelling.

Or when I’m trying to blind fire or Back-A with my Gnasher when I’m in cover.

Judging by op’s pfp, i’m guessing he misses the early 00s?

I think mine was out of roll and strafing. Quite weird.

But it was the lesser of my issues that match, teammate was worse than AI