Backing out of a Horde Lobby, THANK YOU TC!

Just searched for a horde match, Canals showed up, I thought: I hate this map, need to wait a minute just to leave but behold! two players left at once with over 50 seconds remaining, so what happened? they made the Escape Game available that’s what happened.

Thank you so much TC, this helps a lot (at least for me).

EDIT: It was fun while it lasted, the option to back out of hideous maps is gone.


Yeah it’s really a treat when all 5 people in the lobby can agree on something, which is to leave because of the map that was chosen without our consent!

Ty MS for letting us sign out to main menu

They need map voting on horde


I hate to necro this thread, but does anyone know why they got rid of it?

I asked about it in a dev stream and TC Octus admitted it was actually a bug, they have no clue how it happened and thus they have no clue how to replicate it. The first time I asked about it they said they’ll investigate, I asked again 2 months later and the answer was: no time, no priority, no resources, bla bla bla.

A good solution is map voting, no no because its a big change, then a passive but still good solution would be a good map rotation but no no, they say it’s not a priority, then how about backing out of a lobby? no quitters on wave 1 and the system gives extra time to find a new player, no no because… no no and please stop asking.

I’ve been enjoying boss rush a lot, but it would’ve been better if they put those resources into fixing the big problem that horde has: map rotation.

Out of all the questionable design choices that Gears seems to be flooded with…the lack of ability to back out of a horde lobby is something i don’t think i will ever understand…

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by how much more did they increase it?

It’s not 6.66, but for 10 waves it’s ok. And bounty is useable.

I put this twitter here because of map withdraw… BUT yesterday I played Checkout!

And right now, after ages, I’m in a public lobby for LIFT (the original one).

@mendigo2005. Lift is back? Is it just for the boss rush or is on Inconceivable? Love lift so happy either way.

Checkout AND Lift? I’m assuming you’re talking about Boss Rush, I’d love to see every map on “regular” horde without the same map appearing 3 times in a row, guess this is a good start.

Yes, it is only on Boss Rush insane.

Rotation still gives you same map over and over… (Reclaimed than Windflare, for example).

Interesting, it seems there is another variant to the map rotation equation. They can manually add or remove maps but apparently there are limited slots?

Now I feel like a student again gathering information for my thesis :joy: