Backing out in lobby

why is there a penalty for backing out in the game but not in the lobby? ive literally had 5 games in pre lobby get dissolved bc ppl dont want to play the map that was voted for. PLEASE START BANNING THESE FOOLS. IVE BEEN SITTING HERE WITH MY TEAM FOR 30 MINS

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There is supposed to be a penalty for backing out of a lobby but if you dont do it a lot of complete a lot more matches you wont actually get a penalty

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i back out of lobbies all the time if i dont want to play on swarm or if i have low level team mates or especially if there is a guest on my team

Why would you do that? When you are on the swarm team you gain more points for wins and get less taken away for losses because your team is supposed to lose. Low level does not mean low skill. I have met plenty of high level players that just don’t re up or use multiple accounts.

You can’t split screen in ranked matches now so a guest signed in does not mean there is some casual with his couch buddy anymore. You can sign in as a guest account and play ranked solo and the game treats like a separate profile. I am unsure if it keeps track of the guest accounts rank and stats because I only use my main account.

Source??? Ive been on the swarm plenty and have been favored to win

You think TC could bring a option to back out without quit penalty idling for matches every 5 mins of waiting?

how do you knoiw if youre favored to win?

After the match when you have the options to exit, skip or continue playing if you choose skip it will skip the part where it shows you what you unlocked.

Then select your rank. This page will breakdown each round, tell you how many skill points you gained or lost and which team was favored to win. Those big numbers on the side that are in the 10s of thousands are the team’s ratings and are determined by adding up all the players on the team’s skill points.

Whichever team has more total skill points is favored to win the match. I was wrong before the swarm are not always supposed to lose.