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Back to showing suspension time


(Omen LP) #1

I was watching a streamer over the weekend who got kicked and suspended and it actually showed who was suspended and for how long…

Guess they finally fixed it…


Oh goodness I hope they did!

(mike yaworski) #3

Someone should figure out how long it took them to do that


I believe for over a month. It started happening in late February I think. It was right after they announced stricter quit penalties

(Omen LP) #5

So from a programming point of view, what I suspect happened was:

they changed the structure and wording of the pop up to enable listing multiple people (if multiple members of the squad were suspended), BUT they screwed up in the code which was supposed to populate that part of the popup… that’s what got fixed now…

I always said the change was deliberate (the wording changed, that had to be a coding change), but the omission of the details was not deliberate, that was a bug, hahaha… Ohh, well…

So if that started in late Feb, that makes it what? 2.5 months? Geeze…

(Noble Guardian) #6

Next is rolling back their latest matchmaking’s update? Testing…attention please!

(RedDoog888) #7

They only bad thing is internet drops and game glitch and they do not let you rejoin. that happens to me i had to wait 30 minutes.

It was weird. i was on the team and it was during the map voting. I was drop not chance to re join then ban for 30 min.


Oh gracious you are correct. I can’t seem to add…I forgot about April lol