"Back due to popular demand"!

That hair is absolutely epic!

anyone know how to fix this??

Take my iron!

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l0000l who demanded delivery driver mac

Good old irony?

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Nor is any of the ultimate characters but we still got terminator and halo.
Don’t make sense to me it’s like playing fifa with soap from cod


When it comes to things like this? Pathetic. Like really. Gears 5 is a story continuation with a polished F2P structured multiplayer. I enjoy Gears gameplay but honestly with how much they take the piss out of the multiplayer fans? Oh they can just piss off. I think I may just go back to Gears 4 or just move on from Gears. It’s been a good number of years and I’ve enjoyed you but now…I think I’ll just enjoy other things until you change. Outer Worlds looks really nice, at least my game pass won’t be going to waste.

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I’ve seen zero Driver Macs, and maybe 10 regular Macs since launch.

Instead of giving us Baird, Cole, Carmine’s, Lizzie, or any other fan favourite character, give us Double-D Mac instead. Smooth move, TC. Smooth move.

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haha what a joke … tc is str8 up robbing kids out here with that skin :rofl:

not many do in this game…

Popular… yeeeahh riiiight. I haven’t seen a single person play as this skin and everyone at the forum hates it lol

Even if it was free i doubt anyone would play with it.

Mac even have a comment in Horde, saying he were a deliverydriver.

TC employee 1: “crap I don’t know what skin to make”

TC employee 2: “don’t worry, fam, just put the exact same skin back on and say that people were demanding a skin that was available while they were demanding it”

Haven’t seen this skin once in game… Just pure laziness from the Coalition. So many characters etc. they could release whether it be a micro transaction or simply from a challenge like the gears of old!

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Although i agree and share your opinion, we lost.

Until there is a collapse or people just stop handing over money this will never end.

A scenario for me would be 6 months down the line someone gets into gears and buys hivebusters, they really like mac and see people playing as this skin but they are denied access because they where not there at that particular week of release.

Say what you want about season passes but with that model everyone could have things like this mac skin no matter what time they joined gears or bought the season pass.


So popular I think I saw one person have Mac :eyes:


i am going to die laughing :slight_smile:

Seen it many times in Escape.