"Back due to popular demand"!

Why put characters in from the campaign when we have skins like this… helmets

Uh thats his cousin not “sister or niece”


the only silver lining is that TC will probably add the characters to horde once they realise nobody is going to buy the f**king skins otherwise…

y’see this is the problem with this model, we’ve seen it all before so of course NOBODY is going to waste their iron on this because we already know the premiere stuff is being kept, hidden away because they expect us to be noobs and waste iron on the Escape characters.

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May be there is a high demand for that, who knows. I mean, I work at Ubisoft and we have screens displayed in all halls that shows the stats on what’s popular or not, the number of players, etc.

What i mean is, what you perceived at not being a reflection of the reality doesn’t mean you’re right, because, at the end of the day, you don’t have the stats that proves you right or wrong.

But then again, it can also be just some kind of PR move, idk. I don’t like that skin tho.

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I agree to that. It certainly feels like the guys were like, “We didn’t sell enough units, so we’ll put it on another week.”

I certainly don’t see the appeal to the skin, so that’s a nope from me.


seriously who bought this? i havent seen it at all while playing. lolololol

They know exactly how to make me throw money at the screen

that bit about what you perceive not necessarily being right is what I’ve been trying to articulate to these forums for YEARS

Also if you work at UBI then bring back assassins creed multiplayer! I miss wanted! I got top fifty globally in each game and I want it back, I can’t find that kind of success in my actual life lol

And here I was hoping this week there’d be something I was interested in… isn’t this basically just code for “we didn’t want to put time into making more skins, so here’s this one for another week?”

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Why are they so keen to put the “war” out of Gears, these civilian skins are dry and uninspired, even esport characters are utterly boring, I copped the Scion mostly due to lacking Swarm roster, he’s barely different from the stock version, like wtf c’mon TC, pick up the slack dammit!!


I just make VFX man, blood rain, lightning, fog, gameplay vfx, etc. Go talk to our boss Guillemot for that kind of question :stuck_out_tongue:

And unless it makes money, pretty sure it’s a no go, considering the GAAS policy of the company.

Wait until we get reskinned maps with adjusted weather effects, due to popular demand :wink:

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I bought it lmao

Yet another out of season April Fool’s joke except it’s just TC maintaining the game.

I haven’t seen anyone use this skin… assuming due to low sales they are keeping it in the store. It’s marketing by them saying due to popular demand. Some people may feel the need to own it by them saying this.


And to think…

We really on these guys to make our gears games…


Was he a delivery guy prior to being a Gear? At least make skins that fit within the context of the universe and lore. And if so, at least make them look cool or interesting.

Who seriously thought that was good enough to slap a peice tag on?

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“Due to popular demand” I’m dead! :rofl::joy::rofl:

Here’s a thought: Perhaps this week’s intended skin was so awesome they decided to hold it back & give it to us for free or earnable at a later date in order to buy some good will…

…No, that doesn’t sound right, they’d make it known all over tweeter if it was indeed the case…

…Optimism not restored =[