Back Again By Popular Demand!

Guess who’s back! That’s right, ya boi DELIVERY DRIVER MAC! I am so psyched, I’m gonna start a new account just to buy this AMAZING skin, because I TOTALLY bought it the first two times.

Ok seriously TC just give up on this skin, literally nobody wants it. I mean I get re-releasing these for the players who just got the game for the holidays but c’mon, we need new content, not the old stuff.

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Just when I thought the meme was finally dead…


Well, people did ask for them to put SOMETHING in the store, even just repeats of past skins…

The meme is going to sell that skin, 100%.

Hmm… I dunno… I’m almost tempted, but no. Not me.

I’m getting skeleton suit Kait this time. Thanks TC for the reruns.

Same. tbh.

If he was 500 I might get him just because that’s how much free iron I have right now.

I’d pay 2000 iron to wipe the 3 hivebusters off the game…

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Boring AF , we need new content. New maps.

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They made him a meme on purpose and we line up to buy him.