B. Carmine in Arcade

Anyone else upset that B. Carmine doesn’t rock a longshot in arcade???
Seems kind of odd how a good bit of the characters I’ve seen have arcade setups that sorta fall in line with their respective characters, yet Benjamin just gets Cole’s exact setup with a boomshot? Him having the inferno ability makes since, but everything else just seems kind of lazily copy pasted.
Same goes for the theron guard literally not having a torque bow.
Really hope that they do something to change this as Ben having a longshot was one of the reasons why I liked him so much

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The community wanted more characters and more frequently. The solution that TC came up with was to start releasing them in an unfinished state. The Carmines were the first of that.

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Yeah, like your responder said, the Carmine’s (excluding Clayton) are not in their final PVE and arcade ability state, they are almost just place holders right now


Which was intentional for saving time…

Probably happening in Op4 as well.

I actually had no idea that their arcade setup was temporary. Yeah alright that’s cool then.