Aye Coalition lemme holla at yall real quick

How about y’all fix the real problem in the game aka the ranking system instead of spending time making new skins that people spend money on and dont even pull? went on an 8 game streak with 3 mvp against people similar or higher ranking and didn’t budge, but when i lose best believe it drops like at 13 year olds nut sacks. Why am i being placed in matches in where in the best case scenario i cant even rank up? how about we address these issues and fix them… you know for the few people that actually play the game, then maybe we’d be more willing to patreon your Esports. :slight_smile: ) Show us love and we show love back.

The ranking system certainly makes no sense at times but it’s the second largest issue in my opinion. How about blocking these high pings from lobbies with low pings already? It’s impossible to know someone’s true skill when they’re constantly cheated by a high ping warrior who happens to be a Diamond for no reason other than they sponge everything. Every match doesn’t need to turn into spongefest because someone is running their connection off a potato.

But I do feel your pain at times; especially if you’re MVP.

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