Awww, Grace is useless in Horde... Again... Lets see for how long this time 😁

Lol, no more barrier bleed… :grin: Again…

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Yeah I noticed Lizzie’s barriers don’t stun anymore from just yesterday.




I still get people asking my Lizzie to build barriers. I tried to explain to them they patched the freezing+stunning barrier bug but they didn’t speak English -.-

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One guy had a “I am grace i will buy barriers” lobby… Had to tell him and break his heart…

Annoys me that , ONCE AGAIN, they are making HIDDEN changes… I dont care about the change, that was a stupid (fun, yes, but still stupid) glitch, but why tf hide it, like its a big secret?? Like not saying you fixed it admits you screwed up re-enabling it in the first place? News flash: you DID!

Just means people still cant trust the whats ups or the release notes, etc…


I thought it was mentioned in the patch notes? Not specifically but it was something along the lines of “Fixed barriers doing unintended things”

Grace went from 99% useless in Horde to the best, and then back to useless.

She’s so horrible in Horde especially on higher levels. What good is a melee character who can’t melee and then gets the breaker mace blown up almost instantly?

The barrier exploit made her fun again :-/


It was supposed to be fixed in the latest title update but the fit hit the shan on that thing so a lot of the PVE updates didn’t happen. I guess they found a way to fix it behind the scenes. It’s cool though, was kind of an exploit anyway.

It was fun watching those damage numbers pop up like crazy :smile:

But anyway, Grace needs some serious buffs like at least spawning with a breaker mace, massive bleed dmg and/ or way better perks. She completely sucks on Horde unless you’re on beginner difficulty.

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Yeah unfortunately she along with the halo characters need some more cards to make them more user friendly for horde.


The least they could do to Grace and Emile is to provide them with some damage reduction both for shots and melee. At least Emile has Stim which auto regenerates if taking no damage, but regardless both of them are very squishy compared to Lahni and Cole.

Also, what exactly is the reasoning behind losing half of the Breaker Mace’s durability upon going down? It’s not like we are playing PvP.


Grace…the least thought out hero in horde.

It’s shameful, but at least I enjoyed the terminator while he still was hard to see.


On higher difficulties just holding the mace while getting attacked blows it up right away. It’s really an awful game mechanic.

Her base health should also be substantially higher so she can actually melee enemies without going down immediately.

I joined a match today and explained what I was going to do, bought a bunch of barriers and a mace. then watched nothing happen, then got kicked from the game. :smiley:



That is all.


The same thing happened to me when I was Lizzie. Thankfully someone quit on wave 2 and an engineer came in on wave 3.

Could TC just have turned the faucet on for the one year celebration - as you know - a little gift, a go have at it over the weekend? A lot of people think everything is a goof…

Overload (inconcievable pub) I decide to put the pedal to the metal and see how much damage i could get on frenzy. Matriarch and carrier show up wave four. The carrier opens it’s doors and i throw a dirty trick down it’s throat. One mississippi… and it’s dead. I run around, swat a few baddies, to clear the floor and get the drop on the matriarch (while everyone is plunking away or running away, there was no big hitters JD, Kait so you know how that can go) i throw one on it’s back aaaand . . . you’re dead. Damage for the round alone was over 400k. Del immediatly leaves. Didn’t matter. Total match damage about 3,3 million.

Another time i’m in a lobby (inconcievable Canals) and LEO shows up running Grace. I switch to my level 10 baird. I plop in all my money. LEO Builds the barriers, and i mostly kick back, repair when need be, and enjoy that good gravy. I thanked him (or her) and we parted ways - counting cards.

I had the complete 35 waves of Horde daily challenge today, so I ended up playing about 5 Master Frenzies.

I didn’t see a single Grace or Paduk today. It was awesome.

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At least the money I paid 6 months ago was well worth it. Until they fixed the glitch :unamused:. Oh well, back to basics.