Awfull new tunings

Several posts about it have already been done, it’s just to make it more visible. My thoughts are same, everything is way too slow, the delays in switching weapon , shooting after canceling a slide, roadie run ect…are damn unbearable, feel like elephants. Makes wallboucing useless as hell, even punishing cuz you can get literraly headshot while sliding because its too freakin esay to aim you. What the hell have you done TC ? Previous tunings were perfect, why dammit ??? The next step is remove completely wallbouces or what ? Just remaster gears 2 if you want a slow bot game. Wallbouce play styles have becoming the core of gears nowadays with the years. You can’t do massive changes like that so quickly after 1year and half, You guys have just shot yourself a bullet in your feet


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