Aweful time from the Microsoft Store

Anybody else has an aweful time with downloading games from Microsoft store. When downloading and pause my game download for what ever reasons, my game cache gets corrupt and refuses to continue to update the game, gives me an error code x0008xxx or something, so I am force to cancel. But that will delete the game entire downloaded folder, causing me to download the game entirly. My internet is not that fast. Another reason to dislike games as a service.

Yeah, I couldn’t update my game, Just kept giving me that error. So I ended up reinstalling. Took me days to complete the download because the same error kept happening. I couldn’t just let it download overnight without close monitoring. It would fail. I actually had to wait until my day off to download, and so I could keep checking to refresh it over and over. It sucked. Apparently, it’s not effecting that many people, though. I only saw one other person making this complaint. You’re now the third person. It seems like there isn’t enough people complaining about this for them to address it.

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Try uncapping your speeds in the Microsoft store for downloads

The Microsoft Store, on both XBOX and PC, is terrible. They cap the speeds and it’s never consistent. One moment it’s 250mbps and the next it’s 1mbps.

If you’re on PC, stick to Steam if possible. It takes 2 hours to download Gears 5 on the Microsoft Store with my Gigabit connection due to the Microsoft set cap but it takes just under 18 minutes on Steam.

My internet is fundamentally slow. ATT is the only internet provider right now and their prices for internet are outrages, so forced to have the slowest internet. The problem is that I already had 60GB installed for Gears 5 and only needed 12GB for the update, but with those errors, the game deleted itself after i canceled the update and have to redowload the entire game. Also, the way the microsoft store stores games is weird. Saves them as apps and I cannot back up the files in another folder. Sayes I have no permission to duplicate.