Awareness on lag-compensation and hit-detection - people are getting reported :(

Odd thing

I was playing Gears 5 on my Xbox , I get a Quin-kill (first-time ever), Then a message from one of the opposing team, saying he has reported me :frowning:

I survived being because the game logic allowed, I could not believe one of the shots,

I guess this happens often, when people lose a shotgun fight and do not understand how, and this can lead them to reporting a player, unjustly

not sure how to tackle this one, except educate people that there are no Aimbots on Xbox, and there is

  • lag-compensation
  • hit-detection
  • aim assist.

so I thought it may be worth sharing any vids where we thought, how the hell did that just happen (i do not care if you won or lost the encounter, its awareness)

Meh I doubt most of those types of players frequent the forums, also wouldn’t worry about reports. Salty players just need something to blame.

I would wager a majority of players who have played since at least Gears 3 knows just how janky versus hit detection/sponging/lag-comp can and always has been. Albeit lag comp is arguably worse in this game at times, but then again sometimes I’m just a salty player too :man_shrugging:

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Lag has ruined the game


Yup and connecting to the people down south ruined it.