Award Gears Coins for Re-ups

Isn’t Re-upping so satisfying, all your hard work and hours played amounting to a single weapon skin.

Well if that isn’t enough to make you hard as a rock in the morning why not also award Gears Coins.

Re-up 1 to 5 - 5,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (25,000 total)

Re-up 6 to 10 - 10,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (50,000 total)

Re-up 11 to 15 - 15,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (75,000 total)

Re-up 16 to 20 - 20,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (100,000 total)

Re-up 21 to 25 - 25,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (125,000 total)

Re-up 26 to 30 - 30,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (150,000 total)

Re-up 31 to 35 - 35,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (175,000 total)

Re-up 36 to 40 - 40,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (200,000 total)

Re-up 41 to 45 - 45,000 Gears Coins each Re-up (225,000 total)

Re-up 46 to 50 - 50,000 Gears Coins each re-up (250,000 total)

So 50 Re-ups in total equating to 1,375,000 Gears Coins if you completed them all.

Now that sounds like a lot GC, but for the amount time it takes to go through the Re-ups i think it’s pretty spot on.

Also over time the store will become more and more full of things to buy with GC and for new players or people that don’t have a lot of time to grind for GC another way this would allow them to get their hands on more items.

I believe it also takes something like 100,000 Gears Coins to level a legendary card all the way. So when you factor this in and all the store items 1,375,000 GC really isn’t a lot but would at least make Re-upping worth while.

The start of this post is obviously sarcasm, nobody gives a damn about a single weapon skin for Re-upping


Allow me to say that I think if the coins shenanigans also spread to the Reups and replaced proper rewards for them, it would be one hell of a lackluster incentive to bother with them at all. I already get showered with coins everywhere else(I don’t intend to use them on skill upgrades barring when RNG made me pull the trigger on level 5 to 6 for Lizzie’s new Legendary because I’d maxed everything else on her by the time it came). I don’t need to see even more of them as the ONLY reward for doing something. Reups should award more than just those coins.


I’m not saying GC should be the only reward for Re-upping, you could have other things as a reward also.
But i think GC should be thrown into the mix.

The current Re-up rewards are pointless, at least it would reward you with something worthwhile as you can get almost all the content now with GC and also use them to level up skill cards.


Yeah, that’s fair. But knowing TC they’d just throw only coins in there and tell us that those are our improved Reup rewards still totally not worth the effort and call it a job well done.

Team Ice would at least look half decent if they didn’t have that ugly omen slapped on(which too many other skins have as well, I might add). Not that I’m anywhere near reaching that point at Reup 23 level 55.


I’m Lambent Lail, and I approve this message.


I haven’t gotten another Hammer card for Lizzie yet. I don’t think that it gives them at this point. The only way is through gears coins.
I don’t disagree that Re-ups should be more than just coins but the current skins for achievable(I’ll die before I get to team ice) re-ups are also very lackluster. Currently to me re-up means pretty much nothing. I can’t get excited about it because I can’t re-up any faster than I can level up Lizzie’s Hammer card :frowning:
I’m not showered with coins though, I get a 75% of a quarter of a Hammer cards worth of coin with every Legend re-up and that’s about it. Where do you get significant amounts of coins from?

It’s all relative. I don’t use them for skill leveling other than The Hammer so I don’t have many uses for them as I only buy skins or stuff I want, and I’m sitting on a stockpile of Iron that is nearly useless now and only used every 3-4 months for Boost since there’s nothing else to really use it on.

How did you get the 156,000 gears coins to level up the Hammer though?

I didn’t do all of that skill with the coins of course. I went from Level 1 to 5 with Clock runs and did 5 to 6 with coins converted from scrap and completed and the Tour ranks.

These coins would not be retroactive tho.

Why would they not be? :thinking:

Im just looking forward to seriously 5.0 chapter 2😒

No doubt that will lauch at the start of years 2 (op5) i guess.

That’s just mean… why would you say something so hurtful?! :sob:


Well if totems gave gears coins retroactively, then so should re-ups be able to.

The gears allies achievement being semi-retroactive was just an odd case.

They would be, i don’t see a reason TC wouldn’t give you GC for the Re-ups you’ve already passed.

I would like to know how they can think that and be so sure.

Maybe they have insider info. :woman_shrugging:

Im sure nobody has hit reup 50 by simply just playing the gm as intended, i feel ppl who gain xp by idle method should not be rewarded for standing still.

I have 1 person on my friends list who idled to 50 on pc, they r rarely on gears now. i have 1 other who is using a modded controller to idle to 50, appart from this they r never on gears, why should they get rewarded for doing nothing?

I do understand that these ppl paid for the gm and r entitled to play as they wish.

This is just my opinion and is no way what so ever an attack or directed at yourself, i respect the fact that like the 100% completion.

Have a nice day👍

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By the time I’d gotten to a Re-Up I’d already have a hell of a lot of coins, but I’d definitely take it over the INSULT that is the boring weapon skin rewards.

Absolutely disgraceful. I genuinely thought it was a mistake, or I’d skipped something. I was very disappointing when I searched and realised I hadn’t :unamused:


Its bad enough that tc has been saying for months now that they are going to be changing the reups to find out it wont happen till op5… Thats a joke.

1 whole year, and they still wont tell us whats gonna be different.:unamused:

Have they even confirmed when the Reup changes are coming?

I’m still expecting them to just spread the ~80 million XP out over more Reups instead of actually changing anything meaningful. Pretty much like they did with Allies…

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