Award Bonus GP For Consecutive Wins in Ranked

So for some reason today i’ve been able to find FFA matches very quickly, so i’ve been taken advantage of this.
Probably the most fun i’ve had in Gears 5 to date, but after a 14 game FFA win streak it got me thinking.

In Quickplay you get Bonus XP for consecutive matches played up to 5 total. Rewarding only XP is fine for casual matches as their casual and not competitive. But i don’t see a reason to not add this feature to ranked play but in the form of GP, you could award extra GP for winning games consecutively up to 5 matches total like Quickplay.

Each consecutive win would award 100 GP extra up to a maximum of 5 wins totalling 500 GP once maxed.
If you exit to the main menu this bonus will reset, only if you press Y or whatever key on PC to continue searching will this bonus remain in place.

The bonus GP isn’t anything drastic so it wouldn’t break the system in any way, but reward teams or individual players who are good enough to progress faster and get to the rank that they should be.
This would also benefit lower skilled players so their not swamped by sweats trying to progress as often.

I think this also helps mitigate times when the other team quit out and you’re punished because you’re not able to gain enough GP because there’s nobody left to kill. The GP win bonus would make this less punishing.

Thoughts? or is there something i’m missing that would make this a really bad idea?

Also, not related to this but thought i’d mention, ranking up doesn’t award any Gears Coins currently.
You can see by these 2 images i have the same amount of Gears Coins despite ranking up.

Oh and i’ve completely Jinxed myself by saying i’ve been able to find matches quickly today.
I’ve been searching while writing this and i literally can’t find a game anymore :slightly_frowning_face:



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Any reason or just No.

This made me feel so much better :joy:

I haven’t been able to find a single match since it was implemented! It’s disappointing as I enjoy it.

Anyway, 100GP per consecutive win (capped at 500GP) wouldn’t do any harm so I’d have no problem with that system being implemented. It reminds me of the Credits awarded for consecutive matches in Gears 4.

But going by my current luck personally, I can’t get a single match in a 30-40 minute search let a alone two in a row! That’s madness :crazy_face:

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Because he said no :nerd_face:.

What extra increase would you want?

I’m on the wall for the idea. Convince me.


Stay there.

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Okay guys, leave him to me!


Yes sir.

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I’m guessing this isn’t following OSHA regulations?

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Of course not.

There’s no fun in that.

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I don’t see why not, honestly. It doesn’t need to be a huge bonus, but it gives incentive for people to stay in ranked instead of dropping out. The only caveat I have is that you should lower the bonus for every additional squad member, otherwise teams will rank up hilariously fast on principle, considering even bad teams objectively win more often. a 4 or 5 man should get barely any considerable bonus.

na they need to just give us our buy in back if we win

No No No and don’t forget No

this is already in place when you hit gold, tried to ping TC to no avail for explanation as I’ve not seen anything mentioned anywhere

would be dope to have for all ranks

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