Avalanche map problem

Hi anybody having trouble with the avalanche map. It crashes all the time for me at the loading screen and takes me back to xbox home screen. I have tried to re install the map but the problem is still there. If the avalanche map is chosen on ranked matches it kicks me out and then i get suspended!

I have the exact opposite problem. People always vote it. I played that map 3 times in a row yesterday.

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Hmmm never happened to me. What xbox have you got?

I’m not sure the map is loaded locally if present for Ranked matches. Evidently something is happening.

Create a private lobby and see if it crashes.

It crashes too

I’d reinstall the game then. It sounds like corrupted data. Can’t guarantee it, but it sounds like it.

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When i run up the sides of the map my audio gets muffled out for some reason and it always happens on that map

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