Auto-target on an enemy during evade

@AmicableWall421 @Nineteenth_Hour What y’all two are explaining (last two back-and-forth recent replies) isn’t what I’m referring to. It’s an animation that only occurs when your meleeing an individual enemy, it never occurs during weapon pickup.

I play on tournament so if I’m fighting juvies…

A. Juvie
B. Emile
C. Three juvies

  • A is facing west stationary
  • B is 7m away south.
  • B is running north towards A.
  • B encounters A and proceeds to strike A with a melee attack.
  • B completes that action (at the melee apex)
  • B sees C coming (northwest) towards A, mid-melee apex
  • B, within a microsecond, evades (LB) south (backwards) *B knows A is affected by bleed damage
  • B (initial engagement was with A, and seeing C coming) inadvertently evades into C (north) instead of south, due to initial interaction with A

A clip would be helpful to illustrate what you are describing there. I cannot imagine what you’re trying to say. You automatically rolled backwards because of enemies behind you?

No. I tired to roll backwards, but, inadvertently, I rolled towards C instead of backwards.

I’ll try to catch a clip when I get on, because I know it’ll happen again :unamused:.

From what I understand he rolled forward. A clip would be helpful.

I know what your talking about.

When you melee attack the game pulls your character into the center of the enemie sometimes changing the direction your character is facing but the camera doesn’t change direction with the character.

You then press back plus A in relation to the way the camera is facing and the character rolls backwards from the way the character is facing into the enemy instead of away from the enemy.

This happens alot in escape especially with juvies. I finally just gave up trying to get through with just a knife.

They need to make the camera rotate with the charcter during melee attacks instead of making us turn the camera manually.

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If you have a clip please upload it. Thank you for your input.

Your absolutely right! This is what I’ve been referring to from the initial post

Yes, juvies are a pain with this. But when this happens against a scion you talking about being pissed :rage:.

Try turning aim assist off. I have not tried this yet because my son plays sometimes and he still needs it on.

I’ve checked, a while ago, to see if aim assist was a issue. It’s always been off, so I know that wasn’t the issue.

I feel like we’re talking about the same thing but are describing it differently.


I meant to quote this earlier, but this has meaning behind what I was originally talking about earlier too.

Lol, I’m not looking for fights… Just pointing out…

TC has, in my eyes, lost all credibility whenever something is defended with or explained by “but, but, that feature has always been there.”…

Kinda like when they say “ohh, we’re looking into it, it will be ‘addresses’ in a future update”

I’ve got a video now describing this. @Nineteenth_Hour @AmicableWall421 @Redfox888

I was trying to avoid the Grenadier so I melee him, and tried to roll back towards teammates; got stuck on wall trying to go back the right way. Put it in slow motion to see the enemy I was locked on the whole time:!AqdMpsoazf3zgkgQv_wc73TzzxP-

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I already know what you’re describing. Happens all the time. The only way I can avoid it is by waiting a second before rolling.

I can’t wait even that second, lol. That’s why it happens to me so much. Tried to record some with the juvies but the Xbox recorder wasn’t recording full clips.


Yeah I was getting 14 seconds when I was pressing “record 5 minutes.” Lost a lot of good clips.

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That sucks. For some reason when I changed my settings to default at 1 minute I haven’t had any problems with it so far.

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Pretty much what I‘ve been experiencing. It looks like the melee animation’s finished and you try to roll backwards but the game decides to make the character turn around for some reason and often you then roll straight into them.

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I think this lock-on exist so people can make 2nd and 3rd attack land 100% successfully. Otherwise they could melee once and miss 2nd and 3rd attacks… unlikely though. I would like how melee combo is without lock-on.

I doubt it because this also happens with Cole and he doesn’t have melee combo. Only tackle and sucker punch.