Auto-target on an enemy during evade

Is their a setting that can prevent this? If I go to melee and evade instantly why is their an auto-lock on that particular enemy? I’m trying to get away from the enemy, not go into the enemies. This is very annoying, and happens to me ALL the time.

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Ive even jumped forward when clearly pressing the control stick backward when initiating button press. The game gets wonky all the time tho.


I’ve died so many times from doing this. It’s like I’m trying to purposely get killed, lol.

Granted I just stay away from melee. It’s frowned upon anyway.

Not to mention auto targeting making me stick to walls. If it’s laggy, someone’s near you, I swear the walls turn into glue. I know movement in this game and it def gets weird. It’s clunky.

You know what’s crazy, I was just about to write a topic about auto-targeting before this one, lol. But I decided to write this one instead. Emile one of my most used characters, so I’m always meleeing.

If you’re referring to how the game randomly decides you’re going to roll in the opposite direction of where you actually intended to roll, no, there’s no setting to prevent or fix for it. It’s just another of the many issues Gears 5 has ever since the game launched, and it’s one that TC hasn’t even acknowledged anywhere yet as far as I’m aware.

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Guys this isn’t a bug. And it has nothing to do with auto lock. This is how the game has worked for a while (same in Gears 4). There are some specific commands and timing involved in doing a reverse roll into a reverse run.

So why is it that I NEVER had this issue in Gears 4 but it constantly happens in Gears 5? I haven’t changed the control scheme, my sensitivity settings are exactly the same, I still handle the controller no differently and it isn’t broken.

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Chill my guy. No need to get aggressive.

I did some research. It has existed in Gears since 2.

It is not aggressiveness or anything directed at you, it’s frustration with TCs build of Gears 5 that randomly makes running occur for a split second before rolling backwards so you go in the entirely wrong direction even though you are still pressing the button in the exact same way that you always are.

So intended game mechanics or not, your point is nonexistent when something about the input registration is clearly off. I never had this problem in any previous Gears. When I’m trying to roll, I want to roll, not run for a split second and then have my character roll right into the enemy, which is never intentional. Why would I even do that?

Please don’t ask me to tell you why you have not noticed a certain feature that has been in the franchise for 9 years. That’s the definition of passive aggressiveness. Do some research and look for some videos. Following an action such as picking up a weapon or using melee, doing a 180 turn to run in the opposite direction requires precise timing or you will do the turn first then roll backwards toward the enemy.

But nobody is talking about running away from the enemy, they are talking about rolling. ONLY rolling. And where did I say or ask anything about going to dig up a feature or functionality that is not even being discussed?

And maybe I wouldn’t be getting annoyed if you’d read that I do the same timing around button hits for backwards rolling every time yet it’s a 50/50 whether the game will do the above run and roll right into the enemy, or just do the backwards roll I was intending to do, without me changing any of the involved variables, after a melee hit on an enemy. I was aware you could do an instant 180 turn forever, but nobody in this thread is even complaining about that, which you’ve been missing.

It’s all about rolling which gets screwed up by incorrect registration of a simple tap of the roll button to roll backwards as a prompt to make your character do a 180 and THEN roll straight into the enemy when you were not even trying to run.

No matter. I’m done here. If this doesn’t explain it, then I don’t know what will. Sure wasn’t looking for any arguments.

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You’re right, I’ve never experienced this in Gears 4. This is solely a Gears 5 issue. @Nineteenth_Hour that link doesn’t apply to what I’m referring to.

I’ll record the action happening again, and place it here whenever it happens again.

I don’t know how better to explain this since you seem intent on remaining frustrated. Immediately following an action such as picking up a weapon or using melee, if you hold left stick back and A, you do a 180 first and then if you follow that with tapping A while still holding the left stick back, you roll backwards. But since the 180 precedes the roll, you roll into the enemy.

Thing I’m saying is - I AM tapping A to ROLL backwards while holding LS back. Not holding A. Yet at random the game decides I will run for a split second after already having let go of A, and then roll. So I roll into the enemy and look like an idiot.

I agree. But it’s a feature that has been in the game a long time. The trick is to delay your button press slightly and let the melee/weapon pickup animation finish before tapping A while holding Left Stick back. This used to happen to me all the time. Master that timing and this will no longer be a problem.

Explain then why when sometimes after shooting I push the stick to the left or right towards a wall the charcter will roll forward instead into a gib? This is not after doing any other action beside pull the trigger to shoot the first shot. The roll command acts like it decides when ever it wants to switch between omni directional evade option being off instead of on.

This argument of “it existed before” has really, in my eyes, lost all validity since TC has used it so much to mislead people about aim assist in G5…

When players complained about the ridicolous levels of ‘aim assist’ in G5, TC’s answer was to always bring up the idea that “aim assist is need in console games” and “aim assist existed always.”

Both of these statements might be factually true, but using them to deflect critisism aimed at the specific implementation of “aim assist” in THIS title is dishonest and misleading. Yes, “aim assist” has always existed, but in G5 they cranked it up higher than ever AND they added new elements to it… So defending that with "it’s always been here’ is meaningless…

Yes, I know, this conversation isn’t about aim assist, but I just feel that any statement of “ohhh, it’s always been like that, you just never noticed it before in 10+ years of playing other titles” just automatically fails to register as valid, to me…

There are maaaaaaaaany things which annoy the crap out of me in G5, which I never run into in past titles, so someone telling “it’s always been there” would make me laugh…

So basically you want your inputs to be buffered with no penalty when you screw something up.
I feel no sympathy for that.

You’re looking for a fight you won’t find.

The reason I said it has existed since Gears 2 is because Amicable said he has never experienced it before.