Auto-Rolling out of Roadie Run, help?

I am having an issue on Gears 5 PC Steam Edition where I roll coming out of an extended roadie run. Is anyone else having this issue?

(any road run longer than ~ 4 seconds).

Is there an option to turn this off? Is this a new mechanic?

I’ve never had this happen on any other Gears. I’ve tested this on 3 different controllers, including one that is brand new out of the box.

I use tournament settings. Thanks for your time in advance!

I’ve had some issues with this too on Default. Controller A button feeling unresponsive and slow. Rolling when I let go of A.


Okay cool, glad it isn’t just me. It makes trusting my own movements dicey at best. It’s rather debilitating. I know they do lot of micro server side adjustments, and I wonder if it’s a minor flaw that got introduced. This problem hasn’t always been around. I never ran into this when it was the Ultimate Edition Early Play Days or the first two days post release.

Also it seems as though I tend to accidentally pull out smoke or pistol more, on a weapon change, rather than my intended Lancer or Gnasher. Could just be me though, but I never did it (in 1-4) as often as I do now.

I’ve only really had this issue in Gears 5. There’s something about the controls that doesn’t feel right. This unresponsiveness I pointed out above, like there’s some sort of way too long delay to certain actions being executed or inputs being registered(notably when roadie running and rolling). It’s already gotten me killed more than once against a Warden because I tapped A and my character took so long to roll forward I got caught in its swipe.

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Any word on this being fixed? I am having the same exact issue.

Nothing so far, and I even bought another brand new official white xbox one controller to test the problem. Still prevalent. What is weird is that the issue does not happen on Kb/M, at least for me, only controller. Controller is my preferred method of play for Gears.