Auto-lock on Juvies not working

Does anyone else have this issue?

Sometimes, it teleports right behind you.



I noticed the other day I had trouble with melee.

Figured it was the servers.


They always do funky things close to a fabricator.

This happened ever since Operation 4,

Our melee-locking isn’t as strong as before.

Sometimes, I can stand in front of a Juvie to melee swipe, and it won’t touch it.

No lunge.

Thinking stealth nerf or bug?

I think bug cause I noticed the melee lock on simply won’t happen if the Juvie is in the process of doing a dodge move animation after swiping at a player.


Oh dear. We will need a bug report number then, lol.

Yes, I have also noticed this since the start of OP4.

I figured it was me being a Kangaroo on Freedom soil, but maybe it is a thing for everyone.

Please use this link to fill out a support ticket :blush:.


I see what you did there.

I am not sure its a bug though, I just thought aim assist has been turned down.

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I thought it was just me. Yes same issue in Escape. I assumed TC lowered it or something.

I just thought this came from them removing aim assist. I thought it was applied universally across all modes, in some sort of a way.


I recon that happened to me frequently even in OP3 for specific characters, mainly Clayton and Marcus.
Now, it’s working fine and I don’t know what was the reason…
Edit: May be Aim-Assist?

Maybe this is why I was having so much trouble finishing The Warren on Master. I hadn’t played it since it launched and had only finished it on Experienced before. It was the only one I still needed to Master and I finally didi it this afternoon thanks to two very helpful random people, but the Juvies in that hive are a PITA and I’m never playing that hive again, it’s the worst. IMO, it’s another hive that should have Ironman removed and replaced with something else.

Trashball-pro + Inner fire exists. Takes like 2 minutes to get invincible to them.

Yeah, thanks to that we got it, but it was still a nightmare for the other 2 players and if Cole got stuck in a mass of them and got shot from somewhere it was still another run to do.