Auto assist is too strong

Honestly it’s not even about the skill gap debate, it absolutely needs to be toned down because it’s actually detrimental. Makes any sweeping motion janky af, especially in CQC and even worse with a zoomed Longshot where it’s a struggle to keep up with a moving target, even with 25+ sens.

Having a toggle is okay but it’s basically sweeping the problem under a rug.

Core Gears 4 aim assist did everything much better while being barely noticeable (for me at least), bringing it back would be the best.


cough There’s aim assist in Gears? If so, it sure isn’t helping anyone who was bad in Gears 4.

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You know what the perfect solution to this “aim assist” problem you guys are whining about is? Use a mouse. Gears 5 on console supports them now. It’ll make the game a lot better and more fun. Trust me. I’ll never use a controller again for shooting games.

Also, controller usage is almost impossible without at least a hint of aim assist. You just can’t track targets with any degree of precision with a thumbstick. If TC completely removes it, the game would be nigh unplayable. Don’t be naive.


I dont really care if its there or not. Its not on in the Competitive playlist. I play modes from both lists anyways.

Facts x100 :+1:

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Never will I ever, switch to a M&K and I play on PC.


This only became a problem in Gears 5, because The Coalition just ■■■■■ up everything they touch in this series.

Someone is getting angry. You better have a snickers.

That’s called ‘passion’ which is something that clearly has been abandoned in this series.

I dont think thats true, what i do think is the game isn’t really ready. Because i dont know how they could resolve all these issues prelaunch.

I get that using mouse is probably easier but gears form has always been payed on a controller, i try to use new settings like tournament alt and i just cant…

This is such an arrogant comment :joy:

No. We shouldn’t have to use a mouse and that is not a solution. Everyone has a personal preference for playing games and those preferences should be respected by the game developers.

I would hope the majority of people using controllers already knows there is always a degree of aim-assist in their games. But in Gears 5 this new aim-assist is far too much e.g using a Longshot literally snaps onto their head making it ridiculously easy. On the other hand it can also be detrimental, as you find yourself overcompensating shots a lot of the time.

All we’re asking for is returning it to Gears 4’s aim-assist where no one had any issues. This new recoil system is not a good enough reason to increase the aim-assist. TC needs to stop babying players, anyone that plays the game long enough or even has experience with other shooters will have no issues adjusting to it.


I have no issues with it and it’s never felt strong.

It’s pretty much always there in controller based games.

You should be able to turn it off if you choose to and if you feel it’s stopping you from playing.

Sniper definitely isn’t snapping to heads though - all those easy shots I somehow managed to miss :sweat_smile:

I have a clip of it. I’ll post it when I’m at home tomorrow.

Don’t try to aim too much like in Gears 4, just pop-shot the sniper, with a tad directional movement and it snaps to their head 75% of the time.

  • input delay
  • slower movement
  • strong aim assist
  • blinding inverse omen
  • stronger gnasher
  • CQC focused maps , like you cant go wide on people with gnasher

Game doesn’t need an auto aim. Even when it’s to compete with pc users. If you don’t like it I believe there’s an option to turn off cross play.

The auto aim takes away the feel of the game. It’s like some sort of mod and it feels really off in this game. Messes stuff up more than fixes or aids in aiming.

Please scrap it.

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I feel you on the cqc designed maps.

Remember pavilion? That map was pretty cool. Very open but there was still walls to cover on and not all were waist high lol. Flanking on that map was key, but you were dead if you were caught out in the open part.

@the-coalition as we can see has a pattern with making things strong. The auto assist and just like as mentioned a million times lag compensation. Basically TC wants everyone to be happy which is not the real world, but the players that have the skill pay for it. If TC were baseball coaches and you were in the MLB and you could not hit the pitching they would set the ball on a TEE so everyone could get a hit.

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Here’s the clip I mentioned. @III_EnVii_III

Admittedly it’s difficult to see from a clip how the aim-assist pulls the reticle. But it’s most notable when i’m aiming at the last guy jumping out the window, it pulls it down to his head.

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I imagine it would be very difficult to hit perfect shots otherwise via controller.

Again, I’m going to be in the minority here and say it’s needed for some consistency and leeway when aiming absolute precision weapons.

It is off in Escalation and that’s more for competitive anyway so people that don’t like it, can play there on equal footing.

TC apparently May allow individuals to turn off Aim-Assist if they so wish in all modes.

But you can just as easily miss - even really easy shots.