Auto aim sucks, Need an option to turn it off

Can you please remove auto aim, This is a game that shouldn’t have it, It makes it easier for people to hit there shots when Trying to dodge their shots with wall bouncing but if we can’t get it removed can we get an option to turn it off? It totally messes up your muscle memory. It’s not that big of a deal in a 1v1 but if your in a 1v2 or more it sucks. if you’re trying to sweep your gun pass an opponent that ur not trying to shot yet but trying to shot the opponent next to him, it slows ur aim down and messes up your aim


Auto aim should be removed. If you are playing video games and need an auto aim you shouldn’t be playing games. End of. There’s no debate for this.


Auto aim? Woo hoo!!!

How do I enable it, my thumb is tired?

Yes please make it an option to turn off completely. I’ve been playing gears since the 1st one and never needed it

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You sure?

No I’m not sure, I just decided to comment on this post just to past time🤥

Seems like it.

Which past Gears games didn’t have it?

Correct me if I’m wrong, but there’s an item listed as “aim assist” in the options. Turning this off should disable your auto aim.

If you have it Off theres still a massive aim assist, If you turn it on you can not even move your gun at another target for a few seconds which is even worse

Aim assist shouldn’t be a thing in TPS/Gears.

Didn’t Gears 4 had aim assist tho???

Yes, there was aim assist in gears 4 but gears 5 turnt it up higher to have console players be able to compete with keyboard and mouse users. Atleast that’s what their intent was.

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Anyone else find it hard to ‘lead the target’ with AA on?

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Imagine thinking that any amount of aim assist is going to make up for the differences between controller and mouse lmao. Its like giving someone with no legs a single wooden leg and expecting them to be able to compete in able-bodied sprint races.


Can anyone show where the option is to turn off Auto Aim because I’ve Looked and can’t find it. The closest thing I think I found was turning off/on Target Lock for Beginner mode

They need to lower it, not just add a toggle option for it.

You believe they said they are going back to older gears games to compare it? They say they think it is just about right the way they have it.