Australian Servers

I live in Melbourne, Australia. Literally cannot find a game in anything but quickplay arcade or classic no matter how many hours I search for. This was a similar case for the life of Gears of War 4. Please address this issue, I want to play the full game with all of the game modes .


I live in Perth and can not find any ranked or quickplay matches other than Vs AI. This is not good when I get capture rings tour objectives, especially when I use iron for a new one. Also what is up with matchmaking, 95% of the time my ping is 200+. Still playable but why so high.

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Same issues here in Queensland. They screwed up big time and are certainly fluffing around on a fix if they are actually working on one. Hoping they haven’t killed it in Australia already like they did with Qos in gears 4.

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Also live in Melbourne, struggle to even get into a quick play match without an error showing up just as the maps found after 6+ min waiting. All that “boost” gone to waste because I can rarely join a match

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Same for me in Perth boys. I use to play from Paris and i never imagine that could happen…
Youtube video talking about apac and gears 5 should come up soon…maybe next week.
Check out shepard gaming page on youtube

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The matchmaking in general has turned to crap since Gears 4 with quickmatch. Quickmatch was great in Gears 3 and Judgement (since Judgement uses the same matchmaking system as Gears 3) where you can cycle maps after each match AND let you play in the gamemode you want only like TDM, KOTH etc. Now we’re forced to play Dodgeball, Arms Race and Guardian and not the gamemode we prefer only.


It is really really sad that we aussies are facing this issue, what is worse is The Coalition has said absolutely nothing about fixing this issue and have not even acknowledged it yet. Whilst our American counterparts are complaining about the modes, and in-game store, we cannot even play the game. Like always it is likely that Australians will be shunned due to the American players being given priority. This game is only available in Australia to boost profits, not to reach the gaming community here.


Bro im in touch with youtuber Shepard gaming, hes keen to include a few min for apac region issues, ranked mode on is next video…
I just feel a bit alone to do that stuff…
Flick me a message if you can give some help.
I really do belive is video can have a positive impact for ou apac community.
Gamertag : precized


Before the update we would be matched with other country servers
Now they limit us to aus servers only
So to play ranked party up with a USA players n get use to high ping only way

Atleast we have a custom game lobby browser now

Sweet, I just messaged you on xbox.

did u get a fix?

This game is dead in Perth :sweat:

Unfortunately TC haven’t done anything to improve this for us.

Gave up,been playing warzone let the devs enjoy making skins for a dead game

So annoyed, I’ve been able to get into a few games, 20min que tho, loaded up gears of war 3 and got into a game in less than 3 seconds…ALL DAY

Still a nightmare trying to find a game below 150 ping. I wish they usedthe system from gears 3 where you could actually see how many players are playingin your region and game mode.

Would show how dead this game is, reason they avoid this

have not played a vs game in half a year, solely play horde. servers are a joke!!