Australian servers are non existent

TC why can I never find a game in Australia and always get put in a us server with a ping of 150+? Especially when there’s like 5 other people with the same ping so I’m assuming Australians who would like to play together on a level playing ground like you seriously have refined this game for us! I love playing gears it’s the only reason I have an Xbox but it looks like the end is near for me. Please do something to look after ALL your community or this game will die if it haven’t already.

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I feel your pain mate… But, on a positive note, let’s bring on the pain together!!! Happy to play whenever dude.

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Phase 3 was supposed to address situations like this but TC has said nothing about it since January.

In South America it goes like this:

Versus AI: 4 seconds of search and play in US.
Horde: 15+ minutes to be paired with ONE person. That person is always on my server.
Quickplay: 30 seconds - 1 minute and 101% of the time I play on US. I opened a support ticket in January asking if my local quickplay server is even turned on.
Anything but ranked TDM: between 10 minutes and forever just to play with ridiculous pings.

Ranked TDM is the only thing that plays “nice” for me, but only 75% of the time.

I understand population is a problem but it appears that even if I just want to play against bots I cannot do it on my local server? Horde clearly runs on different parameters since it nevers opens the search to other servers.

Yeah if i search for lower ping it takes about 10 mins to get a match but im the ONLY one with low ping (under 10) and everyone else is 200+ so i have no chance. Or i search faster matchmaking and boom im in in under 3 mins with 170ms. Which is borderline unplayable. Why is this games matchmaking so broken. And why are pings constantly fluctuating?