Australian servers are dead

Is it just me or are Australian servers dead :pleading_face::sob:

They were doing some maintenance work on the game, so it could be that.

But more than likely it’s not so much the servers as it is the lack of players from the Australian region so you end up connecting to other servers instead (like US or Asia).

They are dead for a while now, I have to use a VPN just to get games in the US

Australians are dead!? :exploding_head:

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Weak joke numero 2: Isn’t Australia part of the EU!? :thinking:

Pour one out for our mate down under. He was a true friend. He was known by many names: Ghost, D***head, Liu Kangaroo, Bollywood Thor, etc. I’ll miss him, his gorgeous flowing hair and his impeccable singing voice. But sadly his life was cut short by one of Australia’s infamous drop bears. :sob::sob::kangaroo::koala:


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