Audio stutters and cuts out on gears 5 campaign

I use turtlebeach stealth 700 gen 2 and the audio stutters and cuts out when I play gears 5 campaign mode on cutscenes. Why is this happening? This issue did not occur before when I use headsets for the game. Every turtle beach I use stutters on gears 5 campaign for cutscenes. Is there a fix for this? I am playing on Xbox series x.

I was given a somewhat semi-official answer from a community manager in mid-June 2021 in relation to similar sound issues with other headsets:

We’re investigating some sound issues, but when it comes to audio issues with specific headsets, it needs to be dealt with from the manufacturer -while it may be only Gears having the issue, it still centers around the tech involved, and they need to be reached out to.

My guess is we won’t be seeing any fixes from the dev team at all in the future, which to me doesn’t make any sense, given the number of different headsets that have issues with Gears 5 only.