Audio problem (Logitech PRO X Headset)

Hello! :slightly_smiling_face:

I recently purchased the Logitech PRO X Gaming Headset. It is connected with the USB provided to benefit from the sound card that allows you to customize the sound and the microphone of the headset using the Logitech G HUB software.

But on Gears 5 precisely, the sound is strange. For starters, I can’t hear my own character when he talks or takes actions, but other characters yes. Also, I can’t hear the movements of the enemies. I can’t tell if the sounds are coming from the left or right, or from behind or in front of me. The sound, in space, does not work properly I think. I tried to tweak some options, but without success.

Does anyone have the same problem, or has anyone had the same problem and managed to fix it?
Is the technology used by the headset just not compatible with Gears 5?

Thanks in advance!

Hi Louqua, are you on PC then?

Maybe there’s a conflict with the Logitech DAC and Windows sound enhancements. (honestly sounds like you’re missing your Center speaker in the mix.) Right click the Speaker and see if your Spatial Sound is Off or On, and play with that. I’ve got HyperX with their 7.1 DAC and I have to leave Windows Sonic off for myself otherwise there’s wierdness.

This may sound wierd, but also try it plugging the cables into headphones and mic jacks and give that a shot as well. When they’re plugged into their respective jacks, then the onboard audio should allow you to play with the equalizer and some other features. (just know you have options) I think the Windows Sonic may only be available if you have it all plugged in via USB.

You could also turn off the DAC and give Windows Sonic a try, seeing if that helps.

Best of luck!


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Hi and thank you for answering me!

Yes, I’m on a PC, sorry, I forgot to mention it. I tried the manipulations you suggested, but the problem persists. It bothers me, because I want to take advantage of the sound card’s potential to play Gears. When I connect only via the jack without using the sound card with USB, it works fine but I can’t customize my audio. I have tweaked several windows and logitech settings directly in the hub software, but without success…

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My pleasure, and I’m sorry to hear that.

Is there an option to update the Firmware in the G Hub application?

I know when I got my X12 when gaming on the 360, and then both Stealth 600 for myself and little Dipper, they weren’t quite right until they had their firmware updated.

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I just checked, no update is available, I have the latest version. Do I have to turn directly to logitech for this problem?

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Maybe. But let’s first make sure your PC OS is fully updated. Mind checking the Microsoft Store app and checking for updates, and if that’s clean, mind running a Windows Update check?

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If your PC OS is updated, (I would be on the lookout for Audio hardware driver update in the list) you may want to find the Logitech support number and give them a ring. It would be helpful to before that, register the product on their site so they could have some of your info ready to pull up, like make/model and serial number.

Regarding the audio drivers, It may be fruitful to visit the motherboard manufacturer’s site and see if they have any updated drivers different from what Windows keeps in their stash. That is, if you’re running onboard audio and not a sound card.

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I checked, all my drivers are up to date, and the windows too. On the motherboard side, I have the latest versions installed, same thing for the sound. I’ll follow your advice and try to go to logitech support. I put your answer in “solution”, thank you very much for helping me! :smiley:

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