Audio not working once in game

Had very similar issues with Gears 5 on windows store and could never fix them. I have audio in the splash screens and menu, and first rendered cutscene, but as soon as it loads into the first in game cutscene (Starts with a TV) there is no audio what so ever in the cutscene. After this cutscene all I can hear is gun sounds, no music, chatter, nothing.
Sometimes the game crashes on launch which results in my entire PCs audio to fail and leaves a gears tactics process running which is impossible to kill unless I restart the PC. Tried loading into the benchmark to see if this had sound but that would just sit on an infinite loading screen with some ambient windy noises.

Anyone got any ideas? I’ve tried disabling my sound card and everything else I could find online but nothing works! Just seems weird that only this and Gears 5 have had this issue, no other games i’ve ever played have!

I recon that issue is due to Gears is trying to access your mic, the same applies for Doom Eternal.
Try to disable mic then retry and let us know what the outcomes are.

@Krylon_Blue Has your audio problem got fixed? If so, could you please give us your input? :slight_smile:

Just tried disabling all my mics/inputs on device manager and also unplugged them, same issue unfortunately, the TV man speaks no words :(! Only audio device active now on input or output is my Realtek driver on a 48khz setting which i found some posts about from around the time of gears 5 launch.
Any other suggestions? Would be muchly appreciated!

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Do you use third party apps like Afterburner? If so, then please disable them and retry. Also, you could modify the audio frequency like follows:

Edit: Don’t trust any software in that article, just go for Direct X option and/or Sound settings…

Download LatencyMon from the following link:

Start running the test as soon as you’re at the main menu. If you run it during the splash screens you’ll get a notification saying there are issues due to the amount of processing booting up the game takes. After 5-15 minutes, does it say everything’s okay or does it have text in red saying your PC may have issues running real time audio? This was the first step in figuring out why my audio would cut out randomly many times during a play session. @Dreamz_Maker has seen video of and it was quite annoying.

Also, one thing you could try is typing “services.msc” without the quotes into the Windows search bar. Look for “Nahimic Service” and click Stop. Then choose the option to never boot up the service. This has been an issue for others but may or may not be one for you.

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Thanks for the suggestions both @Krylon_Blue @Dreamz_Maker but none of these have worked either :frowning: I dont user any third party apps, DirectX is all up to date, I dont have a Nahimic Service on the PC, and the LatencyMon returned all green.
I’ve recorded a video of the first few scenes, it’s consistent every launch with what plays and what doesnt. It’s a bit strange how the Hammerburst drone intro has sound, and from looking at other videos there should certainly be more audio once gameplay starts! I skipped through scenes after a short time to get the point across.

Does this bring to mind anything else?

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Honestly, this seems like an issue with the game and not a specific PC issue you can fix. Obviously hardware combinations may play a role but if it’s consistently on certain parts I’d lean towards a game issue.

Did you try and reinstall? I’m using the Steam version but I’d imagine you’d have the issue there also.

As a last resort, you could try doing this. I was recommended to do this and this seems to be what fixed my audio issues.


Thank you mate, PC community is lucky to have someone like who cares enough by helping others these days…

@wolfx10 Sorry, I ran out of options :frowning:

I’m inclined to believe this is caused by a recent Windows Update as there have been many reports of strange issues since March.

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I’m more than inclined to say yes for sure, as the last optional cumulative update caused much damage to my PC lately, so I’m avoiding any optional ones…

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Ah shucks. I’ll try those commands as a last ditch effort but I suppose I’ll wait in hope of a patch!
In case of anyone else with issues to compare hardware setup, i’m currently running:
Win 10 Home 64bit (1903 / 18362.778)
i7 8700k
B360 AORUS GAMING 3 Mobo (BIOS version F14d)
1080Ti AORUS Xtreme edition (

Thank you both for the help, Hopefully sooner or later I can get my teeth into the game without thses issues!

@TC_Octus Hey Octus,

I saw your reply for one of the forums members yesterday, although I know you pay a visit to the forums from time to time, but if you gentlemen have a log for that issue, we would love to hear about the solution.

Those commands take about 15 minutes and won’t cause any loss of data so I’d go for it.

I wouldn’t hold my breath on a fix. They’ll just break something else.

Quick lil update - I decided to factory reset my PC as a Nuclear option (other reasons, not just gears) and it now seems to be working! I have no idea what could have been causing it but must have meant something in my rig was being a right little brat.

If you update windows, then you might get that issue again :slight_smile:

Looks like I assumed it was working too soon. First 2 cutscenes now work fine but once through to gameplay it doesn’t even let me do anything other than move the camera, The tutorial doesn’t progress after I do what it says (moving camera) unless I wait around 5 minutes for it to catch up, with its self, plays overlapped voicelines, and then wait another 5 minutes for the next tutorial prompt! Think i may just give up with this at this point :frowning: Didn’t even update my windows!

We’ll look into this. As a first step, can you verify your game files if you are using Steam?

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You’ve got a reply from the community manager him self, please take it from here…

@TC_Octus Thank you sir!

Hi there! Thanks for the reply, i’m using the windows store version unfortunately so am unable to do this. If it helps i’ve tried reinstalling the game a couple of times including after a factory reset and no luck! I’ve also tried repairing and resetting the app with the windows app advanced settings area.

With patience I managed to get through the tutorial but am unable to progress also - the audio desyncs on the cutscene then once out of it i am unable to move or see any UI or anything.
A video of this:
I’ve left it on this screen after the cutscene for roughly 30 minutes several times ot see if there’s any improvement but no luck :frowning:
I was only able to progress past the checkpoint in the mission due to force closing the game through task manager and luckily it loaded up at the checkpoint, beforehand it stopped and didnt accept any input just like the last 30-45 seconds of that video.