Audio is whacky

Footstep audio goes in and out constantly and then sometimes the footsteps from enemy is across the map and I’ll hear it.

Even some of the rifle fire gets cut out sometimes…the menu music seems to get lower randomly. Checked to see if it was other sourced. Nope, it’s the game.

Please fix… especially the footstep audio. ATM the audio is ALLL over the place.


Footstep audio is atrocious you can’t even defend properly in FFA where hearing is most important

I use the Gears 4 special edition headset, so not a cheap one, but the sound mix is awful.

It sounds like I’m being flanked for example, I turn around and there is no one there!?
Likewise there is load of gunfire from all directions, when the enemy is directly in front of me.
Does this on Gears 5 and probably even more so on 4.

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Yeah I really hope they fix it, or adjust it, what I used to hear from behind is now non existent.


This has been said numerous times. It’s very inconsistent and it seems to be on TC’s list of things they aren’t bothered about, alongside the Chainsaw Reload bug.

It can be very fatal in modes like FFA where you turn to see an enemy that isn’t there, only to be surprised by an enemy who comes from where you were originally facing.