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Audio in campaign is terrible

Is anyone else experiencing seriously low volume from the characters when they speak I can barely hear them and on some missions I can’t hear them at all, I’ve checked my settings and no it is not turned down it’s on the highest setting.


Nothing seems to be wrong on my end, maybe check your audio on your console?

Same for me. It seems to be a huge issue with logitech headsets and I have the Pro X. Every other sound is fine but the voices. People are saying it has to do with Dolby Atmos and there is a work around.

This might be your solution:

I got it to work by doing this,

You don’t have to close, uninstall or delete anything. Install “Dolby Access” from the windows store, enable Atmos for your headset. If it’s not enabling, then go to

Device Manager > Sound, video and game controllers > (your headset) > r-click Update Driver > Browse my computer for driver software > Let me pick from a list > Select “USB Audio Device” and save it.

when you want to reuse Logitech software simply repeat the process and revert back to Logitech headset drivers as described above

Note: I installed Dolby Access but did not activate the 30 day trial don’t know if you have to install it

taken from: Gears 5 voices are muffled


I read down the forum after seems a lot people having same issue

Yeah. Its very frustrating because I was excited to play campaign. It sounds like they are talking into a cup lol. Even on the character customization where you can choose character emotes, the voices are super quiet and sound very distance.

I think it’s act 1 chapter 3 one part of the mission you literally can’t hear a thing they say, it’s like they haven’t even played the campaign themselves otherwise this wouldn’t of been a issue on launch

lol i know. My audio cuts out right at the beginning scene. Even the recap video audio is broken. I put my stereo senns on and i could hear fine but I would rather have surround sound. Its definitely a USB headset issue.

I’m on Xbox one x, the audio is poor though my speakers and turtle beach

Yeah I have seen issues with controller headsets as well unless they make usb headsets for consoles now.

Try uninstalling the the logitech audio drivers, restart and use windows sonic. Solved it for me.

I am having same issue. Seems to be something with Logitech.

Yeah I’ve seen a post on here about the Logitech headset messing up.

I’m having similar issue (but, in my turn, there is no audio at all), but my audio device is realtek.
I literally tried EVERYTHING posted on this forum and in steam’s one. Nothing worked.

I noticed that it seems like when a firefight starts all of the volume including voices suddenly gets really loud…im not sure if thats some in-game dynamic range or if its on my end

I’ve also had lag between audio and visuals. So they’re speaking, then 2 seconds later their mouth starts moving. It’s mad annoying

Logitech surround is messed up.
How hard can it be?

Not using Logitech anything… Popping and crackling Dolby Atmos, and very bad lip sync xb1x

This is a problem with the audio when playing on Xbox One X. Without sub titles I wouldn’t know what the characters are saying. Then out of blue the audio will kick in and then go away. Can we please get an update for this. Thank you

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Likely to be a good bathroom read for multiple reasons such as but not limited to character content*

Also on Xbox One X and I’ve tested both Sonic and Atmos for headphones thoroughly since each has been implemented… I haven’t tested on anything that approaches audiophile tech however I have tested on the Astronomical A40 drivers and a few $30 or cheaper earbuds . From my experience Atmos may seem cleaner than Sonic at first but I’ve all but given up on Atmos in favor of Sonic… and there’s nothing wrong with opting for Sonic for use with Atmos-Specific titles . Heck Sonic sounds incredible on a decent nset of buds and I would love to here it in action on a nice $350 set of Seinnhieser buds. There’s also a Seinhesser earbud set that costs $1000 but I feel it’s a safe bet that I won’t miss much by opting for the next lowest offerening (the $350) set… anything dipping into competitive prices tend to perform mediocre at best so you get what you pay for . Anyway both offerings on Xbox tend to have their quirks. by that I mean occasionally the console will remain stuck in stereo controller audio even after toggling setting OFF/ON , removing and reconnecting headset cable from controller and power cycling controller. at that point it generally takes a console shutdown and or power cycle or two to burp it (and I know that I’m not alone in that regard due to the many similar scenarios I have viewed online.) Anyway the point was just to share my own experiences in order to keep the fire stoked. So there’s definitely issues with both offerings in addition to but not limited to popping, crackling garbled dashboard audio cues etc… i’ve also dealt with my fair share of frame drops with Atmos likely due to the possibility of it being a bit too demanding on the weak CPU and this is more apparent when the console really needs that CPU power for things such as chaotic 64 player BATTLEFIELD action and whatnot…

Now that I have contributed a few of the flaws that I have dealt with in order to perhaps help another troubleshoot some similar scenarios I’m about to become opinionated while always remembering and respecting everyone else’s right to disagree and do whatever they choose to do that best suits the indivual(s) … Everything boils down to personal preference after all . And it’s exactly that… PERSONAL. So I’ll provide a bit of insight from my venture through the 3D audio space and how and why I chose my specific path without forcing my choices on anyone else as if it’s the ONLY way because everyone knows that’s a crock of you-know-what… The reasoning for doing so is that all information pertaining to a subject matter and specifically this one should probe useful to someone out there. Any insight had potential to help another better assess their own situation. it’s certainly helped me at times.

So I began with Sonic and I was really digging it with earplug type earbuds that seal the ear canal real nice . I liked it so much in fact I gave up on all of my other traditional dolby headphone products . Now I even was curious and tested all of my large closed back mid sized open backed over the ear and on the ear gear a few weeks after exclusively running Sonic to a lousy set of Skullkandy bbranded earbuds . the Smokin Buds or perhaps smoking buds 2 can’t remember but I was never truly happy running stereo through a PS4 or Xbox one controller to a set of anything , especially earbuds . Now thanks to Sonic I’ve fallen in love with this setup to me there’s nothing better than cramming a set of budget ear buds that retail for $30 and often are seen on sale at retail outlets such as Target card occasionally Walmart for anywhere between $15-$20. and they definitely sound very nice when Sonic’s behind the wheel of these drivers , if you will . I’ve tested Sonic on the other headphones that I had mentioned but the sound quality and accuracy simply didn’t compare to what I get from these ear buds which btw is the reason that I meant every word when I stated that I was in the market for a $350 set of Seinnhieser ear buds. why not right? many of people have spent just as much or even more on (insert headset brand here) full audio systems with mixamps and some of the real savvy people have even opted to purchase a fine set of large Seinnhieser phones to pair with an Astro mixamp costs a bit more to go that route but a wise decision in my opinion . but having now been exposed by the 3D object - based spacial audio and hearing what it can do for a set of Skullkandy buds I would just love to let Sonic drive a set of premium buds. I have to believe that it would sound incredible since I’m so happy with what it can do for the right set of budget buds… now moving on to Atmos which I finally purchased when it was on sale for a few dollars over the recent holiday season …

At first it was tricky to determine if I had properly setup Atmos but it’s now long since that time and I definitely did. I have heard a true Atmos speaker setup and it’s incredible . every set of phones I owned definitely sounded different than with Sonic for sure since for starters Atmos uses a rectangular sound stage and Sonic uses a symmetrical cube. there were really nice things about some of the high pitched things such as bullet ricochet and Al sorts of things whizzing by your in game character however no matter how much time I would spend with Atmos I was never able to feel truly satisfied … for starters I have yet to purchase any audiophile-calibur gear to test it out on and from what I have heard sitting in the sweet spot of a true Atmos speaker setup and sort of knowing what I should be hearing but what I’m missing out on unless I lower the volume to a point I would rather not have to approach in order to balance everything out. from what I understand about Atmos and taken from my experience the low ends definitely require high quality phones if you truly want to get the most out of Atmos for headphones otherwise all can seem to get is a tinny flatter more stereo like sound from Atmos with my gear. if I notch the volume down which I have done in the past for long enough to properly adjust to then lower volume that my gear was capable of handling the entire freauency spectrum with the proper audio timings … once I got it to that point it truly did sound rather pleasing and that’s an understatement and btw to me it still sounded best on my budget ear plugs /buds once I dialed them down to what they could handle so that tells me that Atmos dynamic range is much broader and more accurate to some degree than Sonic but your restricted to not raising the volume past the point that outher sounds become lost in the muck unless you have some oretty serious gear to crank it up without audio becoming lossy … So in my opinion the license cost for Atmos is justified because anyone who’s serious about Atmos would likely want to spend a few hundred on drivers that could do it justice. so while Sonic does sound more exaggerated and very reminiscent of say a pair of Astro A40’s plus mixamp running dolby headphone via a 5.1cor greater dolby digital surround source when I revisited that I quickly realized that the old A40/mixamp combo wasn’t really producing audio that is in the same league as what Sonic has been doing for my cheap Skullkandy smoking buds and to me none of my traditional phones sound as good with Sonic compared to the earbuds do with Sonic while having the ability to receive a fantastic experience at higher volumes on budget cans which is simply not possible with Atmos from my experience. So the interesting thing is that Sonic’s approach is a sage approach … it’s going to get the job done at least for the masses for that reason and it’s also free. now if it weren’t for that free offering and experiencing how great my Skullkandy buds sound at loud volume levels and how well it balances game audio with music streaming and VoIP simultaneously I would have never considered purschasing those $350 Seinnhieser buds. the point is that Sonic delivers on it’s promise with just about any headset and costs nothing to the user but Atmos costs a premium for the licensing rights it’s currently buggier than Sonic bya longshot and I honestly couldn’t recommend Atmos for headphones over Sonic to someone who knew literally nothing and was relying on my personal recommendation unless they were a true audiophile and would be willing to Shell out the cash for a quality set of cans to compliment it
As I had already stated to me it seems as though Sonic was created to provide a free premium experience to just about anyone and Dolby worked hard for the money so they’re charging for that license and pretty much competing with Microsoft for the moment … they’re promising incredible sound and from what I can tell from listening at reasonably low enough volumes that allow my budget buds properly handle the full spectrum that Atmos offers it is definitely all there and even more advanced than Sonic but in order to truly real the benefits you’re gonna want to fork out the cash for some high grade gear as well. Sonic on the other hand is a bit more magical in a sense due to the fact that it definitely satisfies me and is more than capable of making a budget ear bud eclipse all of the turtle Beach, Astro, Triton audio systems etc. simply by allowing their software to drive your tech. Even Atmos supported titles sound better to me on budget gear over Sonic … I’ve said it many times but that’s the way I see and hear it. Sonic was made for the masses and it delivers on its promise. Atmos is more complex and pleasing in a very neat and tidy sense but you have to be willing to buy some nice equipment or enjoy it on a lower volume no higher than 7/10 otherwise most if not all budget devices will not be able to accurately replicate the data it is being fed… Atmos is almost like HDR for your ears so you really need drivers that can handle whatever frequencies that Atmos can throw in it’s direction and be ready for whats to follow … Sonic is essentially like having upgraded last-gen 5.1, 7.1 kits but allows for versatility of user device and allows even the cheapest gear to outshine the several hundred dollar surround kit offerings prior to the spatial audio boom.
I know I’m beating a dead horse here by reiterating I many different ways but you know discussion regarding this topic is rather sparse for insight certainly this should be useful to someone. heck I with I had stumbled upon a post that was this descriptive back when I was just getting into testing the waters . then again I enjoy putting in the effort because it’s exactly who I am as an individual and I truly hope this becomes useful for others and that is insight helps expedite future shared insight from others and even if it doesn’t get shared but this helped people reimagine the scope of things in order to troubleshoot and make conclusions for themselves well, isn’t that really what it’s all about? I believe it is exactly that.

before I take off there’s a bit of irony I would like to share here since it is on topic. if it weren’t for Sonic I never would have loved ear buds for gaming but boy does spacial audio shine when you can plug up your canals with a couple of drivers and just game without any distraction whatsoever … Due to that I added that $350 pair of Seinnhieser buds to my wish list because I figured if skulls sound this great why not go for it, like.many other i used to spend hundreds on the old school oversized 5.1 and 7.1 kits but because of Sonic I have converted to buds Soo… why not see how it can REALLY sound for roughly the same money spent on now inferior audio tech… Shortly after aspiring to go that route I tried Atmos for the very first time and that’s the very moment when I learned how low budget and inferior my skull buds actually we’re. that is when I came to the realization that Sonic enticed me to go big budget simply because this was now my preferred audio setup , earbuds… So I don’t have to spend the money to receive a great experience from Sonic but I’m willing to because Im that impressed by what I get out of expendable audio equipment when Sonic is driving it… The irony is that with Atmos one would almost need to buy high-end to really enjoy it… Well I’ve chosen to do just that for Sonic but it will sure be interesting to see how Atmos sounds on those and I most certainly will report my findings by then I suspect it will be be something short and sweet along the lines of having your cake and eating it to.

So take the info for what it’s worth I just wanted to share with the community just to participate hope nobody was offended or felt pressured by what you have just read certainly that was not will it ever be my intent.

When comparing Atmos to Sonic it’s easy to see that each developer is delivering a similar experience. but once you dive in further and really analyze what each is striving to deliver yet each drastically differ in terms of capability within specific demograohics. You almost have to tip your cap to Dolby Labs for remaining true to their roots as innovators . Atmos for headphones is very special indeed but I fear that the Magic that drives Atmos has fallen on deaf ears
of the majority who (a) do not own proper equipment to do it justice and (b) are not using sub-par equipment in conservative fashion in order to allow efficiency within the confines of their devices so that then they may be able to pay close enough attention to the details that they were missing and then realize how fantastic Atmos actually sounds to give a better understanding as to what you would expect from a high-end audio device paired with Atmos at much higher volumes.

I’ve seen many people discuss how similar both Atmos and Sonic are and that may be true in a sense but Sonic is in no way as complex as Atmos however… Sonic delivers a pleasurable experience to basically anyone short of a walkie-talkie, for free , with little to no software issues and no percievable input delay due to frame drops which that the couch usage is governed much better. on the other hand it is less complex than Atmos and by a lot more than many believe because they haven’t properly heard how Atmos is actually supposed to sound which once heard cements its capabilities. Kudos to both teams for allowing everyone to get in on the party and have a relatively similar experience.

Got carried away the for a bit.

You all have a good one.

Happy to report this worked for me. I use a G933. I’ll live with the work around for now as I like these headphones and don’t want to replace them.