Audio glitches when I use headphone (PC)

I’m having audio glitches while using my headphone.
The game runs fine without using the headset, but with the headset (which is my preferred way to play) the audio glitches and cuts every second, like it was plugged in with a broken cable, but all other audio on the PC plays fine.
I’m using a HyperX Stinger Core headset connected through my Xbox One controller on PC.
I searched the net and already tried some fixes like deactivating all audio enhancedments and setting audio frequency to 48k, but none worked.

Audio is choppy/distorted/has static

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If audio is impacted while playing the game, please check the following:

  • There is a known issue with headsets plugged into the controller. Ensure your headset is plugged directly into the PC.
  • Playing the game with a sample rate of 44.1 kHz. We recommend changing the sample rate to 48 kHz.
    1. Open the Sound Settings window and select Sound Control Panel
    2. In the new window, select the current audio device
    3. Select Properties
    4. In the new window, open the Advanced tab
    5. Select “16 bit, 48000 Hz (DVD Quality)” in the drop-down menu
    6. Select Apply to finish, close the windows, and enjoy the game!

Thanks for the reply!
Hm, so the headset plugged into controller seems to be the issue here, but then the problem is that connecting it directly isn’t an option available to me.
Hope this gets fixed soon.

im experiencing the same issue…and yes, that solution isn’t working for us

Having the same issue… the solution above doesn’t work.

Same here, but I’m not using the controller, just keyboard but still, no sound when I use headset to play the game…

Same problem,unplayable with headphones .

Same thing happened during the beta and after a couple of days you fixed it. A lot of people can’t plug directly into their computers for numerous reasons. You guys are dropping the ball here.

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same here

I’m on an xbox 1S, plugged into the gamepad obviously, Hyper X Cloud II headphones, same issue. Maybe you guys should figure this out???

apparently they dont care…

i have the same issue…connecting my arctic 9 through bluetooth using the xbox windows 10 adapter