Audio glitches getting worse?

Yesterday, 3 of us had a Savage Kantus pinned in a corner and were putting shots into him. The SK clearly said, “Revive Me” and my friends called out “he’s down” so I went around the cover only to see he was not even down, nor could he have fallen because he was shooting at us 3 seconds before. My two friends said they heard the same thing as I so it wasn’t my imagination. The game just said the wrong line.

One glitch would be ok but recently, I’ve found the lack of footstep audio at times to be worsening. And, dead opponents are speaking long after they’ve been killed. I chunked a Del at the Checkout plat yesterday and made it all the way to the snipe when he started talking again. I’ve gotten used to dead characters talking but the delay has been worse lately.

Anyone else found the audio to be particularly messed up right now?

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Footsteps have always been inconsistent though, few good threads about that.

This wasn’t even a problem in GoW3, It was literally part of the game lol. Not sure if it were ever intended but it was SOOO silly being able to hear enemies and teammates scream for about an extra 2-3sec after being killed. I’ve MAYBE heard alittle lingering audio in GoW4 but it’s definitely no GoW3

In short : Gears of War doesn’t know how to audio, and probably still won’t in GoW5.


How cynical…

For me the audio has always been inconsistent. I agree with @Potato_Boy_025. It’s gotten to the stage I rarely trust footstep audio as it’s normally a ghost or a teammate.

Gears 3 had no audio problems whatsoever. None.

The audio problems got much worse after the last major update. My audio “flips” on me mid-match all the time now. For the longest it only happened when I was near the back wall of the photo area on Checkout, but now it happens anywhere on every map.

Basically I can hear a shotgun battle and foot steps that sound like they are close by coming from my back left so I spin around to look but there is nothing there because the action was actually taking place to my front right all the away across the map. The game is not only flipping directions but it’s also confusing the distances.

It’s easier to play with the audio completely off at that point because it screws me up otherwise.

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For me at the start of rounds the game audio constantly cuts out but usually it fixes itself as the match goes on and on some maps the audio gets muffled for no apparent reason