Audio cutting out (Windows Store/Steam)

I’m experiencing an issue which all in-game audio cuts out at random intervals, then comes back. It seems that my brother and his friends are experiencing the same issue as I am, but I can’t find anything on it anywhere. Just topics about audio stopping completely or static, which to clarify, is not what I’m experiencing.

I’m running the game through an Audio Interface at 192kHz. I’ve updated to the Nvidia Game Ready Drivers earlier today, which did slightly increase my performance. I’m not sure if the issue is tied to the frame-rate, as it does vary from time to time.

I would like to know if anyone else is experiencing this. I’m not going to start the campaign until it’s fixed. It’s just too tedious.

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I have audio problems when I use headphones into my controller on pc so I have to plug my headphones into the speakers or the pc itself :confused:

Plus I’m now having pc crashes and so are many other people :c

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I am on Xbox one but im having the same issue as well just got on this morning to play the campaign but noticed the sound cuts in and out almost like its stopping and playing rapidly i have tried all audio settings in game and on my factory tv settings but nothing worked, really confused on whats causing the problem

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I wish this was getting more attention because I still have this problem to this day, it only works if I plug my headset directly into my monitor, but if I do that the mic doesn’t work, so if I want to talk to my team I have to join their party on my phone and wear earbuds under my headset, barely allowing me to hear the game audio. It’s annoying af