Audio comb filtering

This usually happens when a lot of Heavy machine guns (Trishot, Mulcher, Sentry, etc.) are firing at once, it’s especially noticeable when the Kestrel is firing its machine guns.

Just now I had a Horde match on Ephyra. When the Kestrel spawned and shot the comb filtering was just awful, like worse than in the past. I tried to record it, but the Xbox failed to do so.

Anyone experience this as well? ( I’m on a One S)

Edit: It’s definitely the worst on Ephyra.

The game just has poor audio quality in general, in all aspects.


Like no audio of enemies running up behind you.
Not sure when that broke but it can get you killed.


At least you get audio - Horde feels more and more like a silent film.


I know what you’re meaning but I’ve actually been playing PvE more recently due to achievements.

The audio actually usually has the opposite effect in terms of usefulness, commonly encouraging you to turn away from the enemy making the noise.

Yeah, like diaper drones and Wardens sneaking up behind you for an insta-kill :disappointed:

I think it’s just the hardware not being capable of processing all the stuff, could be better on the Series X.(I could be mistaken :no_mouth:)

But yeah, the game’s lacklustre audio should definitely be looked at…

I genuinely can’t remember the last time I’ve heard full audio on bosses. The only boss-audio I heard today over 4 matches was the “munch”-noise by the Swarmak when you’re underneath him. Otherwise, complete silence.

Carriers’ audio are alright about 80% of the time for me.

Other than that for the rest it’s either completely missing, or atleast dampened/broken up. Wakatuu seems to be the most broken.

I don’t hear the noise they make when they shoot out a full barrage these days.

Me neither, especially when there’s quite a few enemies already in your vicinity.

You are.



At least I know now to skip Ephyra for Horde, just so I don’t have to endure that earrape again :dizzy_face:

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