Atrium set up relic room Good /Bad

Hi Gears,

So me and some others played frnzy on atrium last night. We started with 5 and 2 left. Of the 3 that where left me and one of the guys played often. He just beat it on horde 50 and like playing infiltrator.
We got into a debate after we failed on wave 10. Here is the debate topic. Please respectfully weight in.
Knowing the room opens with relic weapons and locker. I choose to build from the room out. Focused on level 2 barriers blanket outside the room all the way up. The entrance across from the room and the sliding window panels to the right.
My theory we could easily hold the room and create a choke point and all 5 players can do damage as they are stuck in the barriers. With 2 AI and 3 payers the room could be held.
My friend like infiltrator and he this thinks its fine to play out in the filed getting downed or dying almost every wave. I get he is playing the class but there is no way to get him or revive on master that far out, so it reduces our numbers.
He said we failed cause of how I built out the room. I told him every time you go down it goes from 5 v 50 to 4 v 50. Told him is a number play and limiting the flanking sides where you can get shot helps.
It was a good debate. I do not think ist a matter of right or wrong. I just think he could play that role from the room duck in and out as his invisibility runs down.

Maybe I pinned us in but me and another 4 guys tried wave 50 only same map stayed in the room and made, but he did 1-50 and made it build out in the open. I am not a fane of building in the open. Had some guys try that on Ritual we spend all our time reviving and not killing. We were over run-in minutes.
Share your thought on building should you reduce the attack points. Is backing up in the room bad. Lost of people play blood drive that way.

Ah…it’s always hard to debate the Best position in setting up the Base.

1.In the small tiny room - Relic Weapons (Only Work in frenzy)

  • According to TC Shauny, the relic weapons only scripts in Frenzy. Therefore, it’s a good spot to reduce the time on moving your lockers to your Base.

  • This area has its weaknesses - CQC Classes can’t do anything because you limit the ability they’re able to carry themselves, so it’s good to make sure your team doesn’t require any CQC Classes

  • The advantage of this base spot is having multiple marksman like 2~3 & 1~2 explosive classes - Gunner, Pilot, Slugger, Tactician, Demolition

  • The main disadvantage of this base is lacking Energy Resources - as the Taps are far enough from your base, so make sure either your team agree to sacrifice the Taps or not

  • If you’re playing frenzy, this position of base isn’t that Bad as you’re just waiting the 3 Free Lockers. However, it’s extremely poor in regular Horde 50 since there’re no relic weapons (only the doors open)

2.The left side Spawn area - @RelaxingKoty for suggestion - having high ground of small “balcony” - Work for both Horde 50 + frenzy

  • This fabricator position can stop the spawn of this area - 5 spawn locations in this map - the left side spawn, the relic side, the lower side spawn, the right side spawn & the right side spawn near some columns covering

  • As the taps location is the same every time, so this base setting can help you secure no more than 4 taps for sure - maximum 3 taps only

  • With correct barriers setting to the spawn point, Blademaster, Marksman, Tactician, Pilot, Demolition - are very easy to kill this Map for sure

I always give the theories & some hypothesis in the map setting that ensure people aren’t confused in playing Engineer.

That said, I think majority of Engineer play in a difficult way that they may not realize what would go wrong. but I do realize what will happen next if I don’t have actions to deal with it.

Giving the example when the Enemies can come to your base & DBNO your teammates, what you’re gonna do to solve the problem?

  1. Put the barriers far from your base. If you know the routes of how the enemies can come to your base, why not blocking them in far far away?

  2. Put the barriers in the choke point - necessary area - the area that you think is very effective to block the enemies - quality > quantities - you don’t have much resources in frenzy to make tons of barrier, but Horde 50 can just control 75% of the Map with full of Lv 1 barriers


I so forgot about the left side high ground.

I try that tonight for the waves

Good luck, the highest win rate base setting in this map for sure if you’re playing Horde 50.

Amongst my mates, things can occasionally get that bad, more if we’re going for minimal bases, and usually one or more will hop out to a class that is better built for that situation to get to the finish line.

To address your question, yes, we often attempt to funnel enemies as much as we can. There’s nothing wrong with that strategy, and it usually works if we can handle all the tangos being on that point.

Goes without saying certain enemy unit combinations, looking at you Warden, Boomshot Scion, and a hyperactive Bastion, firing into an enclosed space, can really overturn the best laid plans if you’re short of manpower and keen aim, and/or coordination.

Another point of strategy is always trying to build an escape hatch. One of the benefits of a mass amount of barriers is that they’ll keep the enemies stuck, and if you can escape out a side door of the base, you may be able to buy time for Ultimates, or pick off some stragglers, etc.

Atrium is claustrophobic though. And Boomshot Scions really love to splash their damage. I’m not sure I would have done any better in your case. Sometimes it’s better to call it a night than to press a bad hand.

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do they plan to add scripts to 50 waves or is it always gonna be frenzy only?

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TC Shauny mentioned he’s asking, but not guarantee to be added in all modes including horde 50.

To me, it’s sound meaningless that that feature only add in frenzy while frenzy is such short that haven’t really try the weapon at all.

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Well, setting up there and not expanding the base further out isn’t a great idea, imo. The room itself where the Relic weapons appear in Frenzy is far too small and a death trap in general and for explosives, Wardens and the Matriarch in particular. Even then I would only suggest taking it as a base if a tap spawns in the Relic room, since it’s very easy to get trapped in it if things go wrong and you don’t have anywhere else to go.

Having said that, I also finished a run on 50 waves where we started out in that area, but the engineer eventually spread barriers across most of the map, making it easier for teammates to go further out and shoot the enemies at choke points or when they were still stuck in spawners. We also had a Combat Medic for convenient revives so that may have contributed in making it more viable.

Worth noting is that there was no randoms involved in the match, and it may also depend on the classes present, as one was a Pilot while I was using Blademaster(and also a Nomad, but I wasn’t paying enough attention to if they made much of a difference with Fear spreading), both of which are fairly capable of crowd control with the right setup. It was a fairly easy run overall and not too long to complete either.

It can definitely pay off to go outside of the room with the window shutters with your base if you have the fabricator in the Relic room. But may need good enough players and/or not having many, if any, randoms to do so in a 50 wave run. If you’re playing Frenzy you probably won’t have the time to go that far with the barriers, should you set up in the Relic room.


The Relic room is good to begin a base, but I personally rather the engineer build out because being boxed in is just asking for a Boomshot Scion to rain hell lol. Sometimes you can get lucky and Scions never ruin the fun and sometimes the game just decides to ruin you because why not, but always expand on the base.

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There’s no issue with using that room as a starting point for a base as long as you expand. If you stay in there it’s gonna get crowded and messy. It’s really up to the engineer to place barriers in places which reduce the angles you can be shot from. That’s the key to creating safer places for your team mates to operate.

I really hope they at least add them to the normal 50 wave version alongside other modes like the classic variants etc.

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Well, the map description even mentions the relic weapons, so to be honest if it only works on frenzy then that description is a lie and should be changed.

But hopefully, it works properly on all modes in the future.

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Did a 50 today from the relic room. Easy but boring. No need to build out from the doorway. I got a bit frustrated because the engi put the fab in the doorway. IMO you want the fab at the back of the relic room and a laser barrier in the doorway. You want them spawning as close as possible and just Nuke them with a demo or slugger. I think a slugger could carry this almost solo. Even a matriarch doesn’t get near getting through the door before he’s dead.

Every time I’ve played the first tap has been in there too. Just fill that first room with wire and nuke the choke points.

I’ve also had a run where I shielded the door every wave with anchor and breezed it.

Relic room is like District Arcade room. It can get boring and it’s only a matter of time before people start to not want to do Relic room, and put them in lobby titles or quit the game if put Fab in there.

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I’ve never liked being boxed into a corner, and the Atrium Relic room is one of the particularly bad cases of it, IMO. I much prefer the left side setup. But the Relic Room can still be bearable IF the Engineer expands the base.


A good base needs an exit strategy in case shxt goes south and you all need to retreat, boxing yourself in while enemies swarm one entrance can be risky if you don’t have the firepower to deal with them before they get too close. This is why I usually don’t like setting up in the spawns, Harbour is especially bad for this reason as there are actually 3 paths for the enemies and only a couple pieces of cover but people still do it anyway because it’s “meta”…

Ah, reminds me of me putting it just right in War Machine in Gears 4. :slight_smile:

This is why ideally even if you set up in spawn, it’s optimal to push barriers out so you have a higher defensive line; and then build a few back-up layers of barriers to fall back on if necessary.

Ultimate if you have an actual exit route (as in a path which allows you to abandon your base if it gets too hairy) then enemies can turn it into another lane you have to defend if they spawn near-ish there.

I did a solo frenzy game in the relic room the other day. Its alright, I’m not too sure about stuffing 5 people in there though lol

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Don’t recommend it. It’s a deathtrap for explosives and Wardens or the Matriarch. Or anything Bastion shielded if you don’t have someone to wallhack it with X-Ray or Boomshot the shield, assuming everyone is in there. I had the experience when playing it in the matchmaking playlist.

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