Atrium- Relic Weapons

When I was doing the daily on Atrium the other day , I was pleasantly surprised that after Wave 4 ( I think?) , three large doors opened in the room where we were set up, to reveal Relic weapons . I was playing as Marksman so I got to use the Auto Markza, which is pretty cool. Does anyone know what the other relic weapons do? I know the Longshot gives you an extra round if you active reload, but aside from that I’ve not tried out any others.

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When you pick up a Relic Weapon, the game will show you its effect on screen.
By the way, Relic EMBAR is absolutely devastating if Marksman uses it properly.

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Relic EMBAR - absolutely ridiculous damage(can one shot any Scion in one hit even on Master with the 2x/2.5x health poison, at least with Anchor and Marksman, with a headshot on an active reload of course), very slow charge up
Relic Lancer - pressing B results in a hit that stuns Drone enemies to set them up for executions
Relic Retro - fires Salvo rounds(basically)
Relic GL - rockets fly in a straight line
Relic Gnasher - fires slugs so you get a single shot high damage precision shotgun instead of pellets
Relic Overkill - fires full auto when holding the trigger down
Relic Boomshot - has 3 shots per reload but shots are way slower and require you to compensate for the shot trajectory a lot more
Relic Dropshot - insta freezes anything, even bosses
Relic Enforcer - forgot, not sure if it’s even present on the map
Relic Claw - slower base rate of fire, hitting an active gives you a ridiculous ROF boost
Relic Hammerburst - fires more shots with every trigger pull
Relic Torque Bow - fires non explosive arrows, so basically a glorified Longshot without the bonuses of said weapon

Those are the ones that I can remember off the top of my head, but some Relic weapons are not present on the map at all, notably the pistols and possibly also the Enforcer.


Thx for the heads up

Relic LONGSHOT- active reload gives you 2 consecutive shots

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OP mentioned knowing this and the Markza effect already so I intentionally omitted them from my post.

You can play around with the relic weapons in custom versus matches to try them out

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Any weapon shows what it does when you pick it up. Pistols and the Lancer GL are not available.

Probably the most interesting weapons are these:

  • Relic Embar: Fires a slow-charging but devastating shot. In the hands of a Marksman, can almost one-shot a Carrier on Master even with x2 Health poison activated.
  • Relic Retro: Amazing with a Tactician and Speed Loader (everybody else will hate you though), you can keep resupplying yourselves this way. I recommend Resupply Speed Loader, Resupply Duration, Recharge Bounty, Resupply Healing Module and either Disciplined or Shredder (I have never verified Disciplined on the Relic Retro but I think it doesn’t count).

Fun to play around with also:

  • Relic Dropshot: Either with a Tac or a Pilot. Tac can spam freeze while Pilot gets more ammo and does a bit more damage (I think it does damage?). Stunning is pointless since the enemy already freezes.
  • Relic Boomshot: Projectiles are very slow and descent way quicker, however three shots in the magazine. Can be handy on a Demo. Don’t forget, the second and third projectile in the mag are non-active.
  • Relic Gnasher: Good on an Infiltrator obviously. Fires an accurate shot instead of spreading the pellets.
  • Relic Longshot: Handy on a Veteran or Tactician with Disciplined due to the second bullet in the mag. Both should override the second bullet being non-active (hence why it’s not helpful on the Marksman) while their Ult is active.

Is it just me or is there no point to the relic torque ? It seems worse than regular torque to me.

There isn’t really. It’s only good for headshots and does pitiful body shot damage. Don’t know what they were thinking with that one as all the Relics offer something different enough to the original.

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Am I the only one having difficulty to reload relic T-bow? :rofl:

I’m being old while I’m only 21 :thinking:

I never used it in Horde and only once in the entirety of my Campaign playthroughs.

So no idea.

It is, but it’s horribly slow to wind up the shot, which is the trade off for the extra damage. Anyone used to the non-relic EMBAR will need to make big adjustments because not only does it take longer to wind up the shot but there’s a much smaller time window for actually firing it when its ready.

I test fired it, and immediately put it back where I found it.

Are relic weapons in regular horde? We just had the boss level and no relics

They were frenzy only, im p sure they were never added to regular horde.

That sux, i wanted 50 waves of tac retro lol