Atrium Relic Weapons in all Horde modes (petition)

Straight forward. I mean no offense but pretty much all tile maps are trash, this one included. Rail Line is probably the only exception.
What makes Atrium special tough (at least in Frenzy) is the introduction of Relic weapons into Horde. According to @TC_Shauny it was only scripted for Frenzy and he asked them to introduce it also into the other modes but there’s no guarantee. Hence why not make this some sort of a petition? Simply like the post to show your support towards the idea. At least in 50 waves Horde it should be introduced. Preferably other modes too of course.

Sauce: image


I’m no computer programmer but if it’s in frenzy I can’t imagine how it would be that difficult to get in all the modes. That’s what makes Atrium extra fun.

I support this petition, and add the prototype weapons too :eyes: