At which wave do you not get the horde perks if joining later?

I joined a few frenzy matches after a few waves and i didnt get the perks that are listed for Beg, Adv, Inc, is there a certain wave that negates them for late joiners?

I assume you talk about the rewards for the daily Horde - you don’t get them if you join in progress after wave 1 iirc. Or it may even be that you have to join a match from the lobby to get the rewards. Not 100% sure on either.

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I think you have to be in the lobby before. I joined a daily Escape that was said something like “Starting game” (you know, loading screen), I was present since opening the pods and still got no rewards.

The only thing you receive by joining late is the bonus cards. Only way to get all the rewards as in CXP or coins is to be there right from the beginning.

In order to cheat the dailies and get them all on beginner only one person could do it at a time.