At what time of day/night does the game play better for you?

I’m In Scotland so I normally play at night after work or when the kids are in bed. I’ve noticed between the hours of 11pm gmt and upto 2am the game is faultless for me , Anytime before or after is a lottery. Anyone else noticed a time they play that improves the gameplay?

In the evening like 6pm to about 10 ish

I personally think US East played best between 4-6 pm.

It also plays well right after a large update .

South west England,game is great 7-10 am…1-6pm the pvp isn’t worth the time…horde is generaly pretty good and consistent…

I credit that to Mexico internet being unable to download the update before 10pm.

Sadly, I believe that to be true as do many others. I find the game runs best after bigger updates too as I play against more Americans. Once Mexico players start to show up the game becomes a ■■■■ show again. :frowning:

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Bingo. Those with crappy internet have to wait a while for the download;).

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It is literally like playing the lottery. 1 match I’ll be fine. The following match I feel like I have weights strapped to my legs and do 50% to their 100% shot. It’s so random and inconsistent. Every match feels like I’m playing a different game all together. Literally. I love gears to death, but it’s gotten so bad tht I actually forced myself to get off it for 5 days in a row now. I feel more stress than enjoyment from playing lately.