At what point do people not quit in Insane Horde?

I’d just like to know from what level onwards people will not quit when they see a ‘lower’ level player in Insane Horde (and how about Inconceivable?)

I am currently Re-Up 2, level 98. Recently I saw people quit when a Re-Up 2 level 70 player is in the lobby on Insane. When can I try Insane without quitters and when can I try Inconceivable without people quitting because of me?

P.S. I have all the right skills in all the right places, so it’s not a matter of not having the skills, it’s a matter of perception and prejudice.

LFG is a good start

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One of the major pains for me in horde is the quitting… I get people want to play on a specific map, or they don’t like the class makeup… But when you join a lobby and have the right mix of classes only to have people quit is quite infuriating…

It’s just a product of the system it’s built on…

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I’m usually the last to quit without the entire group throwing in the towel, but the more Horde I play (and I play a lot) the less tolerance I have for behavior I shouldn’t e seeing at any level. I play 95% LFG, and anyone who doesn’t speak up and say they’re a noob I assume knows the basics, so if I see anyone but the Scout picking up power, or anyone but the Engie buying stuff, they get a warning. Ignored warnings lead me to quitting.

Sunday night I played with a noob who wanted to run through 50 waves on Casual, no problem. First guy quit at wave 21 and I told everyone he had a 20 wave bounty on, no problem. Then our Engie quit, then another guy leaving me alone with the new guy, still no problem until he had to go afk for the second time. I got downed and curbstomped and I left. I felt like I was the only one who cared.


Octus made a post in this thread which sounds like it will help with the quitting in the future… So that’s some good stuff… :wink:

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If they’d add an incentive to jumping in a game in progress, that would help. Consecutive wave bonus gone, bounties bigger than 20 waves gone, and no real incentive to jump in a game on wave 31. I used to jump in friends games and sometimes LFG that were looking to replace a specific role. I quit that a while back because the reward wasn’t worth the time.

Honestly, I found that when I joined a game where more than one person had quit, there was a reason.

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Yes… but does it solve playing a class that is nothing short of a chore in a video game, aka Pac Man Scout?

From the sounds of it, you’ll be able to hop in lobbies where there isn’t a full group… But it would be nice if they somehow incentivized it…

All I play is horde on inconceivable and insane for the 25’s. Honestly I have no issues giving someone who hasn’t re-upped even once a chance as long as they seem to know what they are doing.

What I don’t tolerate is pure stupidity…non engineers buying things over and over, scouts not picking up power wave after wave, seeing the heavy drop explosives to use embars and overkills . These special folks end up being blocked almost immediately.


I think it would be better to turn the scout into a class with a primarily CQB role, and make it so all energy picked up by any class during the wave is worth double.

There’s so many reasons people quit. You’re right that some people quit because of the level of another player in the lobby (too low) and they make presumptions. Due to RNG it’s hard to know how many cards they have and what level. It’s actually very easy to get to Reup 2.

Other reasons include disliking the map, where players place the Fabricator, where players place fortifications, the Engineer may get annoyed if other players start movong things around, players not reviving each other, Scout not picking up power or not depositing.

The Scout can be busy killing enemies. Kill enemy = pick up power from them immediately. Then has to go and cater to team mates, not exactly sure where team mate killed enemies. The special thing about Scout is they can fight enemies anywhere on map. Could even kill most in a way and MVP. I’ve seen players leave for this reason which is also pure stupidity.

EMBAR is okay weapon to use on Heavy. Especially during early waves, the Heavy may have just one reliable one shot weapon. Boomshot. When it run out of 19 ammo, then I’d rather switch to another one shot. Early waves don’t give you Dropshot or Torque Bow yet.

I was thinking if someone picked up like 1,000 power, then 200 power could be divided and given to all 5 players in session. Just like challenge rewards from completing.

That would be better but it would still lead to fighting over power instead of just giving the player a certain amount of currency based on assist/kill points.

I definitely think they need to rework the Scout’s role. Personally I hate Scout because my primary purpose is to run around collecting points and not to kill, it’s boring. I play it for the sake of a team I want to help or one I like because I have max cards and I can sacrifice a little fun for the team, especially when I’m helping noobs.

I think it’d be better if everyone could collect the power, keep the 100% bonus for power picked up during the wave.

I don’t even mind when a guy picks up a weapon that isn’t supported by his class. I recently played with a Scout who desperately wanted an Embar (yes he was new). He was so adamant it was all i could do to convince him to not buy one, insisting if he waited a wave or two there would be one on the ground he could pick up. Once he got one off the floor he did a very respectable job sniping.

I told him if he likes that so much he should build up his Sniper class as we didn’t even have a sniper in our group but he had some weird excuse. Didn’t bother me too much, as long as he was killing.

I don’t have an issue with anyone using off weapons in the early rounds, or like you said a scout using an embar. I play scout most of the time as a tank build and like to run round with a drop shot and torque bow…keeping in mind I generally pick up all power during the active wave.

I’m talking about heavy’s or snipers who will go the entire 25 or 50 rounds not using weapons that benefit their class. Why play heavy if you aren’t going to use explosive weapons? Or sniper to use boomshots and a lancer? These are the clueless people I spoke about.

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I played with a sniper who ran with a Hammerburst and told me the headshot card of the sniper made the HB a beast. I hadn’t thought about that bonus before.

In another thread, I mentioned something (slighty amended here) along the lines of the energy pickups being for the fortifications (with auto deposit, or a shared incentive), but give each player a bank based on their contribution. From here they could purchase special attacks (e.g. sniper strike), weapons, etc. That way they could remain inexpensive and wouldn’t be overused or too wasteful,

Alright, fair enough. Seems like a decent solution.