At what level do i get to unlock shooting around corners?

I have 1 gig internet so its not my connection, that being said i find myself jumping away from fire into cover and i can see my health so i know when to jump away but i find mysel down on the ground in an area where no bullet would ve able to reach me that is if it was flying in a straight line, so im sitting here down on the ground and my opponent cant get the kill with his lancer because for what ever reason there ability to shoot around corners goes away and they have to run over to where i am in an area they cant see to kill me, ive never shot some down and then had to go retrieve their body i shoot them down and just keep shooting and they die because they are not around a corner hidden where my gun cant reach,

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Lag compensation.
It’s happening on their screen the game gives it to them (up to around 250ms according to something TC said a while back). If you know the opponents have a high ping avoid baiting snipers or other such activity because what you see them doing on your screen is delayed since the server hasn’t told you exactly what they are doing yet.

For me, it even affects my gnasher battles because I’m always playing against players in Mexico and jukes don’t always work since he might be doing something entirely different on his screen.

I’ve found my best bet is to get behind them as much as possible and use erratic movement, including a lot of left stick wallbouncing.


I came to the conclusion tonight that the reason we see spiked pings at the beginning of each match is so the 250ms window will be legit for matchmaking. Spike my 30ms ping to 500ms, pair me with 250ms-750ms players, bam, match created. Fair you see.

I don’t know what it is, but today it feels like the lag comp is ratcheted up. Even people I playing with are saying they see me get BS’d over and over while they spectate me. It’s no surprise that this only happening when the enemy team is 90ping and up.

Frustrating thing is that this went away for a while for me. Last month was decent. Now the game is just trash again.


Maybe when you learn to back a or up a?

I love how naive people are when they claim to have the fastest internet possible and think they will never experience lag LOL

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I have great internet, and it works super well for everything, except Gears. Seriously. My ping will being in the 30s, then will jump to 300. There’s no rhyme or reason to it. Any other game; Battlefront, Titanfall, COD etc… works just fine


If you have a 100% Fiber Gigabit speed Internet with 0% packet loss that’s hard wired into the Xbox One and you experience lag there’s an issue. It’s true speeds don’t mean much as the game uses only Kbps but the reality is many players can’t even provide steady packets. If you’ve ever seen me bring up speeds it’s to point out the fact that I can literally do whatever the hell I want without causing bandwidth issues. My ping will stay stable with 6 devices streaming Hulu Live, 1 on Xbox Live, 1 on PS4 and several laptops. But then I’ll play people, in every match mine you, where it’s blatantly obvious these players couldn’t handle a single Netflix stream or they’re using absolutely horrid WiFi. Either way, I am not ruining the game for others by the way of a poor connection. It’s just a shame so many people think their connection is solid but then complain that it fluctuates. Duh, WiFi isn’t meant for gaming everyone!

Shame on The Coalition. I love how I can play any other game out there without issue but the moment I jump on Gears I feel like I’ve been abused.

We already discussed this in great detail young grasshopper. :wink:

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Hahah! True. But what I don’t understand is why this lagging problem seems to be unique to Gears. It’s just strange.

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you’re taking about bandwidth when the real factor is latency. learn the difference

There is a difference, but let’s be honest here, if you have great bandwidth (past 100mbps) then you likely have a pretty decent ping as well. If you up that to a gigabit connection then you likely have a great ping. While great throughput is not always indicative of low latency, they have a strong correlation with each other.

You are confusing a bunch of different things here.

You don’t even need remotely that amount of bandwidth for effective online gaming.

Ping is your distance from the server. Going from 100mb to a gigbit connection will not change your distance from the server, unless you moved house closer to the server.

Unless you are on an unreliable connection (say housemates torrenting etc taking up your full bandwidth on and off), stability (and ping) are what matters most.

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I’m not confusing a thing, learn to read. I said it’s common for the two to come as a pair. Yes, you can have a good bandwidth without a good ping, but it’s much more likely that if you have a good bandwidth that you do have a good ping. Pay attention to the wording as well, as I said “likely” not that you “will.”

I did read it, and you are still making two things seem much more related than they actually are. The only have a relationship when fully used bandwidth or instability is causing issues, such as torrenting using all the upload speed or wifi issues causing ping to spike.

On a related note, If I connect to Australian servers I get under 30 ping. If i connect to US Servers I get around 200 ping. My bandwidth hasn’t changed. The distance between me and the server I am connecting to has.

Just like having 32GB of ram upgraded to 64Gb of ram won’t improve my framerate. You certainly need a minimum, but once you have reached a particular threshold having more isn’t going to help.

Yeah but you were talking from the point of 100Mbps going to 1Gbps. That is in the territory of "won’t make any difference whatsoever.

Bandwidth throughput does lower as you connect to places further and further away. If I run a speed test to a server in Atlanta Georgia then I get around 400mbps with about 8ms ping, run the same test to San Francisco California and ping becomes 60ms and download drops to 50mbps. This is due to the connection having to run through multiple servers that may have various loads on them of course, but that same concept also affects your ping. They do share more of a bond than you give them credit for. Sure, one can change without the other, but they’re more likely to change together than one alone.

Also, I wasn’t saying that going from 100mbps to 1gbps would make a difference, it wouldn’t, I was saying that around 100mbps where I drew the arbitrary line of really good internet speeds.

Also, completely unrelated, but I really hate how the commas look so much like periods on the forum xD

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