At this point they should

They should just remaster gears 2 and 3 like 343 did with halo or at least put dedicated servers back in gears 3


While UE was good, they can barely get their current game to function properly never mind manage a full remaster of one of the originals.

It wouldn’t happen. I don’t want their dirty hands on the beautiful Gears 3 either.


Exactly!! Back on horde on 3 today kaz…its head n shoulders above 4 n 5👍


I say nah. As someone who’s just here for the mp i suggest they build gears from the ground up again because there’s just too much inconsistencies. Combine that with bringing back plenty of the maps, if not all. With fresh game modes and intuitive matchmaking. Make a mp only game if that’s what it’s gonna take.

Mp only…think you’ll find theres more than handful playing pve🙄@jmelia123…edit on 5 it is only a handful lmao

Haha agreed my friend :+1: